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Advanced Training for Apple Color

Mfr PN: 98900_ONLINE
Our PN: CVCN3010135
Manufacturer: Class on Demand
Platform(s): Mac

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Product Type: Electronic Download
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List Price:$99.99

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Quick Overview

Advanced Training for Apple Color. Co-hosted by Steve Hullfish and Bob Sliga.



Manufacturer Part Number: 98900_ONLINE

Topics Include:

  • Primary Color Correction
    • Day for night look
    • Adding a highlight glow in secondaries
    • Keyframing color corrections
    • Using the RED tab
  • Advanced Grade Management
    • Archiving Grades for future use
    • Dragging grades between shots
    • Applying the same grade to multiple grouped' clips
    • Sharing grades between users
  • Secondaries
    • HSL Qualification Improving Skin Tones
    • Saving a secondary matte or key from an HSL qualification
    • Using Key Blur to soften skin tones
    • Combining Multiple HSL Qualifications
    • Keyframing - moving, copying and pasting them, including auto / manual tracking plus custom shapes
    • Using Secondaries without qualifying anything
  • Advanced Color FX Room
    • Creating a Color FX preset
    • Understanding the nodes when to use them
    • Dealing with Interlaced footage
    • Keyframing in ColorFX Room
  • Nattress Plug-ins
    • Understanding the nodes
  • Primary Out Room
    • Using this in combination with other corrections
  • Geometry Room
    • Adding keyframes in the Geometry room
  • Archiving
    • How to archive and restore archives of Color Projects
    • Workaround to Save As' with a Color Project
  • Interfacing with Final Cut Pro
    • How to import color corrections from another Color Project or version
    • How to reconform an FCP sequence after color correction has been done
  • Tangent Devices WAVE panel
    • Customizing your panel
    • Using your WAVE panel as a mouse
    • Where the customized panel settings are saved for sharing/ moving settings
  • Spyder calibration
    • Show setup and configuration
    • Using the Spyder Cube to white balance in Color three different methods
  • Tek scopes
    • How to capture a reference still and use it in matching footage in Color
    • Line select mode to isolate an element vertically in the picture
    • Review of how to use presets
    • Explanation of gamut displays
    • Demonstration of proprietary LQV vectorscope display
    • Explanation of customizing presets
  • Cine-Tal calibration


  • Mac OS X or higher
  • 1152 x 864 display
  • Speakers
  • DVD-ROM drive
  • Apple FInal Cut Studio software


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