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All-Purpose Hot-Swap Adapter (Gold Mount) Free Shipping!

Our PN: BLSN9150016
Manufacturer: Blueshape
Platform(s): Mac & Win

List Price:$547.00

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Quick Overview

MVQUICK AB: This removable hot swap system allows the camera or other device to be continually operated even during a battery change. It also provides an alternative power source of about 21Wh and can be used as UPS. The MVQUICK AB has the Gold Mount equivalent connectors on the camera side and the V-mount battery connection on the other.



Manufacturer Part Number: MVQUICK AB

  • MVQUICKAB is a hot swap system to be installed as a battery interface between the camera and the battery pack. It is designed to fit the AB 3-stud Gold Mount, allowing hot swapping and battery system conversion to V-lock.
  • The main purpose is to allow camera battery replacement without any power interruption through an automatic detection of the battery removal.
  • Additionally, MVQUICKAB provides an alternative power source of about 21Wh to be used as UPS in case of a sudden power failure or extended power requirements.
  • High-load cell technology permits discharging of up to 10A when used as a stand alone power source.
  • Although the internal battery is recharged with every installation of a fresh V-lock battery pack, a separate charging unit has been provided to allow for fast and full charge when the unit is empty.


  • Nominal Voltage: 14.8V
  • Voltage range: 10.8V ~ 16.8V
  • Nominal Capacity: 1.5Ah, 21Wh
  • Max. discharge current: 10A
  • About up to 10~15 minutes runtime when used standalone as an UPS backup battery
  • Installable only a 3-stud Gold Mount, but works only with V-Lock batteries
  • Self charging through the installed battery, can be charged with a separate charging unit
  • Size: 142 x 83 x 50mm (5.59in x 3.27in x 1.97in )
  • Weight: 0.49Kg (1.08lbs)

Included Items

  • 1x ACDC Charging Unit


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