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Artist Color with Artist Transport Free Shipping!

Mfr PN: 9935-65015-00
Our PN: AVIN5260010
Manufacturer: Avid
Platform(s): Mac & Win

List Price:$2,109.00

You Save: $485.51 (23%)


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Quick Overview

Save money when buying the Artist Color and Artist Transport together! The perfect combination!



Manufacturer Part Number: 9935-65015-00

Artist Color

Take control of your favorite audio and video software like never before with the Artist Serieshigh-quality control surfaces that deliver deep, integrated, hands-on control in more affordable solutions. Compact and portable enough to fit into any setup, you get best-in-class industrial design, highly responsive feel, and extensive functionality to free you from the tedium of working with a mouse and keyboard. Compact control surface for color grading apps (formerly Euphonix MC Color).Overview
When it comes to color grading, using a mouse can leave you seeing redliterally. With the compact, ergonomic Artist Color, you gain deep hands-on control to get the look you're afterwith great precision and speed. Whether you use Color, Smoke for Mac, STORM, or REDCINE-X, you get the superior feel and control of high-end grading hardware at a fraction of the cost, plus unparalleled access to all software color functions. And with programmable Soft Keys, you can customize the surface to speed your workflow.

Artist Color features EUCON (Extended User Control), a high-speed open control protocol that has been adopted by many of the worlds leading software developers. Apple Color, Autodesk Smoke, RED REDCINE-X, The Foundry STORM, and other applications support EUCON, giving you highly responsive control over almost all software functions. You gain a tightly connected experience in which the control surface acts and feels like a physical extension of your software.

Key Features (Click Here for detail view -

  • OLED Displays (6)
  • Touch-Sensitive Rotary Encoders (6)
  • Page Buttons
  • Application/Workstation Change
  • Soft Keys (9)
  • Reset Keys (6)
  • NAV Key
  • Trackballs and Trackwheels (3)
  • Transport and Navigation Controls
  • Copy/Paste Grade Buttons
  • Bank Buttons

    Take control with EUCON
    With Artist Color, you gain deep, integrated control over your favorite EUCON-enabled creative applications. EUCON carries high-resolution control information for trackballs, trackwheels, knobs, displays, and more between Artist Color and whatever application is in focus on your computer. This enables you to quickly switch between multiple applicationsand even workstationsat the touch of a button, with all controls and displays automatically matching the selected application.

    • High-resolution, high-speed control - With 8x the resolution and 250x the speed of MIDI, EUCON gives you powerful, highly responsive tactile control that feels like working on a high-end grading system.
    • Work with multiple applications - Speed up modern, multi-app workflows. With Artist Color, you can switch applications directly from the surface, and all controls and displays will instantly match your current application.
    • Control multiple workstations - Access any workstation running EUCON-enabled software on your extended network, with keyboard and mouse commands automatically forwarded to the selected workstationideal for multi-workstation workflows and facilities with machine rooms.
    • Customize for your needs - Connect multiple Artist Series controllers to function as one extended control surfaceor use them independently. You can even customize the controls to meet your needs, such as setting the control sensitivity and more.
    • Future proof - Avid and its development partners continue to develop EUCON, making it easy to add new features and functionality for your favorite software through software updates. EUCON even supports HUI and Mackie Control protocols for even greater flexibility with other creative apps.

    Get precision control
    With three highly responsive optical trackballs and trackwheels at your fingertips, you get the same tactile feedback and precision usually found on only high-end color grading solutions. You can even toggle the center trackball on the fly to work as a mouseyour hands never have to leave the surface during grading. You can also adjust the control sensitivity directly from the surface to suit your preferences.

    View feedback in high-resolution
    Easily view parameter names and values on the six 128 x 64-pixel OLED displays as you make changes with the trackballs, trackwheels, and six encoders. These displays also show you room or view names when in NAV Mode.

    Control playback with ease
    Play, stop, go forward or backward, jump to the next clip or previous clip, and more using dedicated transport controls that provide effortless project navigation. You can also use the Soft Keys to trigger additional transport and navigation functions for even greater flexibility in editing and navigating your project.

    Customize your control surface
    Because Artist Series controllers are modular, you can combine them in a variety of configurations to suit your workflow. Customize your Artist Series system with up to one Artist Control, four Artist Mixes, one Artist Transport, and one Artist Color for total flexibility. Simply clip the units together to form a seamless surfaceor use them separatelyas each has its own Ethernet connection.

    Compatible Software
    For the deepest, most integrated hardware/software experience, use Artist Color with any EUCON-enabled software.

    Artist Color gives you deep, integrated control of Apple Color with simple plug-and-play operation. Just install the EuControl software, attach your Artist Color, and choose Euphonix EUCON Control Surfaces from the Apple Color Setup Room > User Prefs > Show Control Surface Dialog menu.

    Artist Color features in Apple Color:

    • Speed up repetitive tasks with nine preprogrammed Soft Keys that automatically update as you navigate between rooms in Colorand get an additional nine functions when you use them in conjunction with the Shift Key
    • Create custom Soft Keys for any function, macro, or key injection command using the Soft Key Editor
    • Navigate between Secondaries, controlling all vignette parameters, including scale, rotation, aspect ratio, softness, and blur
    • The right-side trackwheel also functions as a jog wheel, so you can easily navigate frame-by-frame through the Apple Color timeline
    • The center trackball also functions as a mouse, enabling you to access and control any aspect of Apple Color, including curves
    • Easily move through your timeline and apply corrections and looks from memory banks using dedicated Copy and Paste Grade buttons

    Featured video: Avid Artist Color with Apple Color -

    Artist Color extends the heads-up visual workflow of the Scratch DI Finish and Dailies Lab systems, with default controls designed by industry professionals and fully customizable mappings. Simply install the EuControl software, attach Artist Color, and enable the controller in the SCRATCH Devices file.

    Artist Color features in Assimilate SCRATCH:

    • Map nearly 200 functions within SCRATCH to any control on the surface
    • Access functions and fine-tune grading and keying right from the panel
    • Move through projects quickly with dedicated transport controls
    • Navigate SCRATCH menus directly from the surface, including the Player, Edit, Animation, Tray, and Matrix menus
    • Gain easy tactile control to zoom in/out, copy/paste grades, and much more

    Smoke for Mac
    Get hands-on control of color grading, soft effects, triptych, and audio functions in Smoke for Mac, a software-only (native) application that offers an all-in-one editorial finishing toolset. EUCON support is included in Smoke for Mac 2011 Extension 1 and later.

    Artist Color features in Smoke for Mac:

    • Get access to most top-level Smoke functions using the nine preprogrammed Soft Keysand get an additional nine functions for your most-used edit commands when you use them in conjunction with the Shift Key
    • Create custom Soft Keys for any function, macro, or key injection command using the Soft Key Editor
    • Map any numeric field from any module within the Smoke interface to Artist Color for total custom controlprogram any effect; scaling, rotation, or movement in the 2D or 3D space.
    • Quickly control playback and move through areas of the Smoke interface in Navigation modeyou can access the player, source record, and audio mix panel, and toggle Tryptich, Full Screen, and Vector Scope views directly from the surface
    • Perform editing functions from the surface in Edit modeuse the trackwheels to jog through source and record, set in and out points with R buttons, perform edits, and use the center trackball to trim clips in the timeline
    • Use the trackwheels and encoders to control soft axis effects such as zoom, pan, and transparency, or adjust any soft effect parameter
    • Take full integrated control over the Color Warper and Color Corrector:
      • Get telecine-like control over Color Warper
      • Control shadow, midtone, highlight and white, black, and saturation levels with the trackballs and trackwheels
      • Control gamma curves with the encoders
      • Fully access Color Warper secondaries, including color definition and pick color workflows
      • Copy and paste grades
    • Work more easily with a Triptych workflowcontrol left, middle, and right playheads with trackwheels; quickly copy and paste effects between clips; and switch between modes to control soft effects while in Triptych view
    • Control audio effects and filters in real-timeyou can adjust and keyframe effects parameters during playback, including track gain, track EQ, and more

    Featured video: Avid Artist Color with Autodesk Smoke -

    DaVinci Resolve
    Take hands-on control over color grading, effects, and other tools in Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve for Mac, which now supports Artist Color. Simply install the EuControl software, attach your Artist Color, open DaVinci Resolve and choose Avid Artist Color from the Preferences menu drop-down, save your settings, and restart the application.

    Artist Color features in DaVinci Resolve:

    • Get precision control over 15 master menus, each with six hot keys and dozens of individual controls
    • Adjust primary and secondary grading, including HSL qualifiers, post mix gain, and qualifier blur, from the surface
    • Select and adjust window positions, aspect, and edge softness, and quickly reposition images with real-time pan, tilt, zoom, and rotation controls
    • Get one-key access to curves, clip, and softness controls, plus hot keys for stereoscopic 3D adjustments
    • Save and load up to eight presets for grades, capture, and play stills, and even change the reference wipe type, from the hot keys

    Get quick hot-key access to track objects; create multiple versions of grades; add nodes, keyframes, and dynamics; and undo and redo changes unlimitedly.

    Colorfront On-set Dailies
    Get hands-on control of On-Set Dailiesa digital dailies system that offers playback and sync, QC, color grading, audio and metadata management tools with faster-than-real-time deliverables in all common file formats.

    Get comprehensive, hands-on control of Baselighta highly flexible system at home with all input and output resolutions and formats, and with linear, video and log image sequences. Simply navigate to the 'System' section of the Baselight Preferences dialog, and change the setting of 'Avid/Euphonix Devices' from 'Not Connected' to 'Ethernet - Autodetect'.

    Artist Color features in Baselight:

    • Get precision control over all Baselight grade strips elements (Film Grade, Video Grade, Curve Grade, etc.) via trackballs and encoders
    • Manipulate shapes directly via the trackballs
    • Gang and reset encoders with Shortcuts
    • Move quickly between primary, secondary and further grades with the Layer Manager
    • Move between Grade and Matte elements with a single button press using the Stack Manager
    • 'Application' menu extends capabilities of Artist Control beyond available physical buttons

    Nucoda Fuse
    With Artist Color, you can take full control of the grading and mastering tools in Nucoda Fuse to speed up completion of your film, video, and digital projects.

    Silverstack SET
    Artist Color gives you deep, integrated control of Pomfort Silverstack SET, with simple plug-and-play operation. Just install the EuControl software, attach Artist Color, and enable Artist Color as the input panel in the Silverstack preferences.

    Artist Color features in Pomfort Silverstack SET:

    • Get access to top-level Silverstack SET functions using the nine preprogrammed Soft Keysand get an additional nine functions when you use them in conjunction with the Shift Key
    • Make adjustments to primary color correction settings (lift, gamma, gain, and saturation) from the surface
    • Make precision adjustments to shadows, midtones, and highlights with the track balls
    • Gain direct access to the grade bin and preset grades from the surface
    • Easily navigate through different pages within the Silverstack SET interface
    • Play clips forward or backward, step through frames forward or backward, and jump to next or previous clips with the transport controls
    • Accelerate your editing with a streamlined workflow for batch operation

    If you work with RED camera footage, REDCINE-X is a powerful tool that enables you to color grade REDCODE Raw footage before editing. With REDCINE-X 2.5.2 and higher, you can control all major R3D color grading functions and metadata adjustments hands-on with Artist Color before sending clips out to Media Composer, Final Cut Pro, Premiere, or practically any other non-linear editing system. Just install the EuControl software, attach your Artist Color, and get right to workno special configuration is needed.

    Artist Color features in REDCINE-X:

    • Get access to most top-level REDCINE-X functions using the nine preprogrammed Soft Keysand get an additional nine functions when you use them in conjunction with the Shift Key
    • Create custom Soft Keys for any function, macro, or key injection command using the Soft Key Editor
    • Adjust Lift-hue, Lift-luma, Gamma-hue, Gamma-luma, Gain-hue, and Gain-luma with precision using the three high-resolution trackballs and trackwheels
    • Control FLUT, Shadow, Saturation, Contrast, Brightness, and Exposure using the six high-resolution encoders
    • Quickly navigate through projects with transport and navigation controls

    Get hands-on control over all color grading functionsincluding editing, adjusting, transcoding, and color grading individual or a series of R3D clipsin STORM, a new digital production tool for RED camera workflows. Simply install the EuControl software, attach your Artist Color, and you're ready to go.

    Artist Color features in STORM:

    • Get access to most top-level STORM functions using the nine preprogrammed Soft Keysand get an additional nine functions when you use them in conjunction with the Shift Key
    • Create custom Soft Keys for any function, macro, or key injection command using the Soft Key Editor
    • Make adjustments to all RED Camera processing parameters from the surface
    • Control all technical and creative look development toolsincluding Pan and Scan, Lift Gamma Gain, Hue, Levels, and Defocusfrom the surface
    • Quickly navigate to next or previous pages of effects
    • Navigate effects in the Effects Stack (up and down)
    • Easily navigate through projects with the transport controlsplay forward or backward, step through frames forward or backward, and jump to next or previous edits for the active Viewer


    • Dimensions: 9in x 9.5in x 1.2in (231mm x 238mm x 30mm)
    • Weight: 2.6 lbs (1.2kg)
    • Screen size: 6.02in x 3.62in (153mm x 92mm)
    • Line voltage: 100 - 240V AC
    • Frequency: 50Hz to 60Hz

    Included Items

    • Artist Transport controller
    • Artist Series DVD-ROM (includes software and electronic user guides)
    • Ethernet crossover cable
    • Riser brackets (2)
    • AC power adaptor
    • Quick Setup guide
    • Registration card


    • Mac
      • Mac OS X 10.5 or higher (32- or 64-bit) (OS X Lion now supported!)
      • Intel processor (no PowerPC support)
      • 1 GB RAM (2 GB or more recommended)
      • 500 MB free hard disk space
      • 1 available 10/100 Base-T Ethernet port*
    • PC
      • Windows 7 Home Premium, Professional, or Ultimate (32- or 64-bit)
      • 1 GHz or faster 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) processor
      • 1 GB RAM (32-bit) / 2 GB RAM (64-bit)
      • 500 MB free hard disk space
      • 1 available 10/100 Base-T Ethernet port*

    * Ethernet hub or switch required to connect additional units or to connect to a network


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