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Atomos Ronin Duo Free Shipping!

Our PN: MOSN5010024
Manufacturer: Atomos
Platform(s): Mac & Win


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Atomos Ronin$1,295.00


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Quick Overview

Ronin Duo offers two side by side Ronins elegantly mounted in an included custom 19" Rack Adaptor. Combining dual HDD/SSD recording and dual 5" monitoring for recording and playback, the Ronin Duo delivers exactly what professional environments require. Back up recording and multiple monitors give confidence and peace of mind on any production.



Manufacturer Part Number: ATOMRON201

The Ronin portable Recorder/Player/Monitor is a smart solution for both fixed-facility and on-location video production. Based on the award-winning Samurai field recorder, the Ronin features touchscreen ease of use, capture to Apple ProRes or Avid DNxHD?, professional monitoring and edit review. Like the Samurai, it can operate on location with battery or DC power, but it can be used in a fixed facility, rack-mounted environment using AC power.

In addition, the Ronin has balanced XLR inputs and outputs, along with a front panel headphone jack with channel monitoring selections. It also has an internal battery charging system for attached Atomos batteries when connected to AC power.

For HDMI capability, simply attach an Atomos Connect H2S and/or S2H converter. The Ronins compact half-rack size makes it suitable for any video production environment

Control individual, or multiple, Ninja-2 field recorders, in any combination via serial control from a deck, PC, Mac, or iPad/iPhone.

Product Features:

  • AtomOS 3.0 touchscreen application for recording, monitoring, playback and edit review
  • Compact half-rack size portable or rack mount
  • Full HD-SDI Recorder/Player , ProRes or DNxHD (available Q4/2012)
  • AC, DC or battery operation
  • Balanced audio with XLR inputs and outputs
  • Front panel headphone jack
  • Serial control compatible
  • Top handle, tilting feet and 1/4 inch mounting points for accessories

NEW in AtomOS v4.2

  • Major upgrade to the audio level meters:
    • All 14 channels (2 analog and 12 digital) have precision meters on the audio page.
    • Peak and average levels with digital clipping indicator, and VU ballistics.
    • Accurate -30 to 0 dB (dBFS) shown with -18dB and -20dB alignment levels marked.
    • 2 or 14 channels viewable on monitor page. Option found in Menu/Display.
  • Frame accurate audio delay option to adjust any digital or analog Audio delays. Option found on Audio page.
  • When 2:2 pulldown is on, a 2:2' icon is displayed next to the input format indication.

Rear View

Modular Rack-Mountable Design


Included Items

  • Atomos Ronin or Ronin Duo
  • 2 x Atomos batteries
  • Atomos Docking Station
  • FireWire 800 cable
  • USB 3.0 cable
  • USB power cable
  • 2 x Master Caddy Cases with screws
  • Atomos D-Tap Adaptor
  • Optional Accessories (Sold Separately)
    • Dual Rack-mount Adaptor, with mounting hardware
    • Half-rack Adaptor mounts in a waveform monitor space
    • Connect S-2-H, SDI to HDMI Converter
    • Connect H-2-S, HDMI to SDI Converter
    • Sun hood (design under review)


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