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Atomos Sumo 19" HDR Monitor (SUMO19M) (for Students Faculty of MEDIA DEPARTMENT) (Academic) Free Shipping!

Atomos Sumo 19" HDR Monitor (SUMO19M) (for Students Faculty of MEDIA DEPARTMENT) (Academic)

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Our PN: MOSN5290002
Manufacturer: Atomos
Platform(s): Mac & Win

Availability: Usually ships in 2-business days or less.


This product is discounted for academic sale and may have special licensing and purchasing requirements.

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Quick Overview

Sumo monitor unit, Master Caddy II x 1, AC power supply



Manufacturer Part Number: ATOMSUMO19M-EDU

Atomos offers one of the most generous discounts in the industry to students and faculty members involved with or those purchasing on behalf of the media departments of educational institutions (Film, TV, Media Studies, Photography, Journalism, etc.) Those with proof of current enrollment can enjoy a discount off the MSRP price.

25% EDU Discount - available to any student or faculty member at college/university level or above (Media departments ONLY)

  • Copy of class schedule showing current enrollment presented to Reseller at time of purchase (student)
  • Copy of faculty ID or letter on official letterhead stating current involvement presented to Reseller at time of purchase (faculty members)

With its bright 1200 cd/m panel and advanced AtomHDR processing, the Atomos SUMO19M 19' HDR Monitor is designed to be instrumental in modern video workflows. On the rear panel, HDMI and SDI inputs can accept UHD and DCI 4K video signals. Depending on your workflow, both SDI and HDMI inputs can be cross converted to one another, allowing the SUMO19M to act as an interface between consumer-grade HDMI and professional SDI equipment.

On set, the SUMO19M can function as a director's or client monitor. LUTs imported from a separately available SSD installed on a Master Caddy (a single Master Caddy is included in the box) to display a look that can be referenced further down the production pipeline to the final output. If HDR is your goal, the AtomHDR processing uses the entire brightness range of the SUMO19M, allowing the entire latitude of log-encoded videos to be displayed without the washed-out colors or clipping that can sometimes be brought about by SDR (Standard-Dynamic-Rage) displays.

During post-production, the SUMO19M can function as a color-accurate studio monitor. Its ability to reproduce a wide color gamut allows you to master your footage for current SDR standards like REC. 709, and HDR standards like HLG and PQ without having to switch displays. Clients can also view the content with a LUT to see a more pleasing image than what flat or log profiles usually provide. While on-set, you may want to take advantage of the 1/4'-20 and 3/8'-16 mounting options provided around the panel, two feet are included for desktop placement in your editing or grading suite.

AtomOS Firmware V8.41 - Improved Black Levels and Dynamic Backlight Control

The latest AtomOS Firmware Version8.41 for Sumo19 and Sumo19M is available for download. AtomOS 8.41, provides improved black levels and a better dynamic backlight control to further enhance your workflow.

Key Improvement features:

  • 1200Nit Daylight viewable monitorscreen.
  • Improved black Levels and screen response. Comparable with industry standard Rec709 OLED/LCD monitors.
  • AtomHDR processing for LOG / HDR standards
  • SDI 1 and SDI 2Input selection mode now active on Sumo19
  • RAW and ProRes/DNX Recording
  • Player Quick play back of rushes for review
  • In the field editing Playlist creation of favorite clips, Metadata tagging, EDL creation in XML
  • Full support for the Panasonic AU-EVA1s 6G-SDI output with audio embedding, Arri Alexa mini and Amira 6G-SDI outputs and other 6G cameras and switchers
  • When used with Varicam LT, the Sumo19 provides 12-bit Dual Link Recording at 4k DCI / UHD 23.98/24/25/29.97p in CDNG, along with Variable Frame Rate support for Dual link 10-bit at 4k DCI / UHD 50/59.94/60 in ProRes or DNxHR


Dynamic Backlight Control
Delivers improved back level performance by adjusting the backlight with the HDR slider depending on the scene. The maximum black point was 1.2nit, with OS8.4 this is now 0.1nit

240p Pana Raw
This update adds more support for amazing slow motion with the Panasonic Varicam LT, enabling 10bit 2Kp240 Raw to ProRes, 4Kp60 Raw to ProRes as well as 2Kp120 10-bit CDNG and 4Kp30 12bit CDNG Raw.

HDR Automation End to End
Devices that output standard HDR flags such as XBox OneS, XBox X and PS4 Pro can now be detected by by Sumo and inserted into the recorded file so that the correct Gamma/Gamut are automatically selected.

Audio Enhancements
The Audio engine has also been improved with asynchronous support and analog audio able to be embedded in the loop out signal.

Use Cases

On the DIT Cart
Get HDR on set in real-time with on-the-fly log to HDR and PQ (Perceptual Quantizer)/HLG (Hybrid Log-Gamma) playback, complete with mission-critical monitoring tools such as waveform, focus peaking, false color, and vectorscope on the calibrated screen.

Client/Director's Monitor
Remap incoming flat-looking log footage to HDR for a more exciting and true-to-life preview of the footage. Compatible LUTs can be brought from Master Caddy media. You can choose to view both log and standard gamma images with or without looks applied, with quick toggling between them for ease of comparison. Images will pop off the bright 1200 cd/m LCD panel, even in conditions with lots of ambient light.

Studio Monitor
In the studio, you can leverage the HDR capabilities of the Sumo for accurate monitoring. With a 10-stop dynamic range and 10-bit processing combined with X-Rite calibration, you can be sure that your color-corrected images will translate through the post-production pipeline.


Production-Grade Build Quality
The aluminum alloy chassis houses 10 mounting points around the top, bottom, and side, a rear panel VESA mount, and an included stand for a variety of mounting configurations.

Versatile I/O Options
Seamlessly connect an SDI or HDMI device and convert between HDMI 2.0 and SDI. The SUMO19M accepts up to 4K up to 60 fps, or HD at up to 240 fps over HDMI, or the dual SDI inputs. Additionally, there are dedicated input selection buttons on the user interface to make A/B comparison between sources simple and simultaneous HDMI and SDI output of the corresponding input for routing to other monitors, recorders or switchers.

HDR Processing
The SUMO19M's 19' 1920 x 1080 10-bit LCD panel is driven by the AtomHDR engine which precisely maps log, PQ, or HLG video feeds from popular cameras, game consoles, or TV manufacturers to resolve 10 stops of HDR in real-time. The brightness range and vivid colors of HDR bring scenes to life, either on the monitor itself or when outputting to larger HDR/REC. 709 displays for on set review. It can also be used with popular editing software programs or grading suites for affordable HDR/SDR editing or grading in the studio.

Daylight-Viewable LCD Screen
The bright 1200 cd/m display means you can accurately monitor SDR signals, even when outside in full daylight. If additional light control is required, an optional sun hood is available separately.

X-Rite Calibration
Like many high-end video and computer monitors, the SUMO19M can be calibrated to compensate for the natural color and brightness drift that monitors exhibit over time. The Sumo's calibration input lets you use X-Rite's separately available i1Display Pro to always ensure accurate HDR and REC. 709 monitoring.

Continuous Power
Dual 4-pin XLR inputs for power means that the SUMO19M can automatically switch power sources should one stop providing power. In the field, a separate power bracket can be used to supply the SUMO19M with power from V-mount or Gold mount batteries. When one battery dries up, you can hot swap it for a fresh one without interrupting the shoot.


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