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Aurora 8 TB Free Shipping!

Aurora 8 TB

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Our PN: LYNN5110054
Manufacturer: Lynx
Platform(s): Mac & Win

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Quick Overview

Get the Aurora 8 with Thunderbolt connectivity at one low price!



Manufacturer Part Number: AURORA 8 TB

Aurora 8

The Aurora 8 features 192 kHz analog to digital and digital to analog conversion with front panel control of all routing and sample rate options. Extended functions in Aurora are accessible via computer with the Lynx AES16 or by infrared using compatible laptops and handheld Pocket PCs. The rear panel has Clock and MIDI In and Out connectors and an LSlot bay, for the optional use of ADAT and other audio interfaces. Buy ANY new Aurora converter from February 18, 2013 until April 30, 2013 and receive analog I/O cables for free from Lynx. $160 Value!Aurora 8 is an 8 channel 24-bit/192 kHz analog-to-digital/digital-to-analog converters in a single-space rack-mount case. Representing Lynx Studio Technologys first rack-mount product, Aurora was developed using the next generation of Lynx acclaimed conversion technology and rock-solid digital interface circuitry. Both units are identical in features and specifications except for the number of I/O channels.

  • Simultaneous 8 Channel Analog I/O and 8 Channel AES/EBU I/O

  • 24 Bit / 192 kHz Mastering Quality A/D and D/A conversion
  • 192 kHz AES/EBU I/O Supporting Single and Dual Wire Modes
  • Single Rack Space Configuration
  • Extensive Remote Control Capability via Lynx AES16, IrDA and MIDI
  • LSlot Expansion Slot for Firewire, ADAT, and Future Interface Options
  • On-board Digital Mixer Provides Flexible I/O Routing
  • Word clock I/O with Lynx SynchroLock Jitter Reduction Technology

Aurora provides professional I/O interfaces for ease of installation in most studios and live sound applications. The analog I/O is electronically balanced and supports both +4dBU and 10dBV nominal levels. The AES digital I/O is transformer coupled and is capable of driving 500 feet of cable at 192kHz. Both dual and single-wire AES channel modes are supported.

Auroras ergonomically designed front panel provides easy access to important controls and signal status. Unique to this product class, Aurora also offers extensive remote control capability. All front panel features as well as other low-level options can be controlled from the Lynx AES16 digital interface card on Windows and Macintosh platforms; a Pocket PC or laptop via infrared; MIDI; or an LSlot interface card. Multiple remote set-up configurations can be stored and recalled.

The on-board 32-channel digital mixer provides extensive routing and mixing options. Acting as a powerful patch bay style digital router, Aurora can easily route signals between analog and digital inputs on a channel-by-channel basis. Mixing capability on each output also provides flexible zero latency monitoring.

The LSlot expansion port accepts cards that provide compatibility with current and emerging digital interface standards, including ADAT and others.

Lynxs proprietary SynchroLock jitter reduction technology, from the AES16, is also included. This exclusive feature provides extreme jitter reduction of up to 3000:1, allowing Aurora to output an extremely clean clock output for driving the digital audio system.

All analog and digital connections use DB25 connectors with industry standard pin-outs which are compatible with off-the-shelf cables Lynx as well as from manufacturers such as Mogami, ProCo, Hosa and others.


  • Analog I/O:
    • Eight inputs and eight outputs
    • Type Electronically balanced or unbalanced,
    • Level +4 dBu nominal / +20 dBu max. or -10 dBV nominal / +6 dBV max
    • Input Impedance:
      • Balanced mode: 24 ohm
      • Unbalanced mode: 12 ohm
    • Output Impedance:
      • Balanced mode: 100 ohm
      • Unbalanced mode: 50 ohm
    • Output Drive 600 ohm impedance, 0.2 F capacitance
    • A/D and D/A Type 24-bit multi-level, delta-sigma
  • Analog In Performance:
    • Frequency Response 20 Hz - 20 kHz, +0/-0.1 dB
    • Dynamic Range 117 dB, A-weighted
    • Channel Crosstalk -120 dB maximum, 1 kHz signal, -1 dBFS
    • THD + N:
      • -108 dB (0.0004%) @ -1 DBFS
      • -104 dB (0.0006%) @ -6 DBFS
      • 1 kHz signal, 22 Hz - 22 kHz BW
  • Analog Out Performance:
    • Frequency Response 20 Hz - 20 kHz, +0/-0.1 dB
    • Dynamic Range 117 dB, A-weighted
    • Channel Crosstalk -120 dB max., 1 kHz signal, -1 dBFS
    • THD + N:
      • -107 dB (0.00045%) @ -1 DBFS
      • -106 dB (0.00050%) @ -6 DBFS
      • 1 kHz signal, 22 Hz - 22 kHz BW
  • Digital I/O:
    • Number / Type:
    • 8 inputs and 8 outputs
    • 24 bit AES/EBU format, transformer coupled
      • Channels:
        • 8 in/out in single-wire mode
        • 4 in/out in dual-wire mode
    • Sample Rates: All standard rates and variable rates up to 192 kHz in both single-wire and dual-wire modes
  • On-board Digital Mixer (via AES16):
    • Type Hardware-based, low latency
    • Routing Ability to route any input to any or multiple outputs
    • Mixing Up to four input or playback signals mixed to any output, 40-bit precision
    • Status Peak levels to -114 dB on all inputs and outputs
  • Connections:
    • Digital I/O Ports 25-pin female D-sub connectors
      • Port A: channels 1-8 I/O
      • Yamaha pinout standard
    • Analog I/O Ports 25-pin female D-sub connectors.
      • Analog In 1-8
      • Analog Out 1-8
      • Tascam pinout standard
    • External Clock 75-ohm BNC word clock input and output
    • MIDI One input and one output. Standard opto-isolated, 5-pin female DIN connectors
  • Remote Control Options:
    • Function Controls all I/O, levels, monitoring, routing and setting recall
    • Method AES16: With PC or Macintosh
    • IrDA: For compatible Pocket PCs and laptops
    • MIDI: Selected MIDI devices
  • General:
    • AC Power 110 / 115 / 230 VAC, 70 watts
    • Size 1.75in H x 19in W x 9in D
    • Shipping Weight 12 pounds
    • Certifications CE and FCC Class B EMI, CE Product Safety
  • LSLOT Expansion Port:
    • Compatibility: Supports Lynx LSlot expansion cards
    • Channels: Up to 16 input and 16 output simultaneously at up to 192 kHz sample rate
  • Optional Interface Cards For LSLOT:
    • LT-ADAT Provides 16-channel at 48 kHz, 8-channel at 96kHz, 4-channel at 192 kHz ADAT Optical I/O
    • LT-HD Provides interface for Digidesign ProTools | HD systems
    • LT-FW Provides up to 32 channels of I/O using FireWire 400 port


Thunderbolt LSlot expansion card for Lynx Aurora and Hilo converters. The LT-TB is an LSlot expansion card for the Aurora 8, Aurora 16, Aurora 16-VT and Hilo converters that allows daisy-chaining of up to six devices using the Thunderbolt port on Mac and PC Computers

Lynx Studio Technology announces the LT-TB Thunderbolt LSlot interface for its Aurora and Hilo converters. The LT-TB is a two-port Thunderbolt expansion card that supports daisy-chaining Aurora and Hilo converters and other certified Thunderbolt devices on Apple and Windows computers. The LT-TB and accompanying Aurora and Hilo models are the first Thunderbolt audio devices certified for Windows as well as Mac.
The LT-TB LSlot card can be installed into any existing Hilo or Aurora with an easy and free firmware update. In addition, Lynx is making Thunderbolt equipped Aurora and Hilo models available at the same time. These models are:

  • Hilo-TB in Black and Silver
  • Aurora 16-TB
  • Aurora 16-VTTB (variable trim model)
  • Aurora 8-TB

The LT-TB, in development for over a year, uses Intels Cactus Ridge second-generation Thunderbolt controller. This device allows for a more robust design electrically. Similar to other Lynx products, LT-TB incorporates an FPGA for audio mixing and control functions that can be easily updated in the field. Months of in-house testing along with support from Apple and Intel insure that LT-TB works well with any other certified Thunderbolt product on the market.

Whereas some earlier Thunderbolt equipped converters are limited to two units and 32 analog channels, the LT-TB can be used in a chain of up to 6 Aurora converters for up to 96 analog channels, plus 96 digital channels on one Thunderbolt port. So theoretically, the upcoming 6 port Mac Pro could deliver up to 1,152 channels.

The Thunderbolt protocol allows up to six devices and one display to be connected to the computer on a single Thunderbolt port. So in addition to Lynx converters, you can have external drives, displays, expansion chassis and so on. The LT-TB has two Thunderbolt ports, which allows this daisy chaining of devices.

Thunderbolt technology is very robust and user-friendly. The LT-TB and other Thunderbolt devices can be hot-plugged and unplugged, allowing Aurora, Hilo or other Thunderbolt device to be added without needing to reinstall drivers or resetting anything. It is all automatic.

According to Intel, the developer of Thunderbolt, Thunderbolt delivers unparalleled performance, flexibility and simplicity to personal computing.' said Jason Ziller, Intels director of Thunderbolt Marketing, Products like the Lynx LT-TB LSlot interface help highlight what Thunderbolt makes possible.'

Thunderbolt technology is the fastest connection to your PC at 10Gbps in each direction, and at the same time. This is twice the speed of USB 3.0. Thunderbolt provides flexibility and simplicity by connecting up to six data and display devices in a daisy-chain.


  • Thunderbolt expansion card for Aurora and Hilo converters
  • Thunderbolt certified for Windows and Mac
  • Extremely low latency
  • Up to 16 total analog and 16 digital I/O channels per LT-TB equipped Aurora 16 or Aurora 16 VT
  • Up to 8 total analog and 8 digital I/O channels per LT-TB equipped Aurora 8
  • User upgradable FPGA adds enhanced 64 x 32 mixing when installed in Aurora
  • Up to 32 I/O channels per LT-TB equipped Hilo
  • Supports full channel count at sample rates up to 192 kHz
  • Supports hot unplug and plug
  • Uses standard Thunderbolt cabling, including optical (not included)
  • Optional power supply available for connecting bus-powered Thunderbolt devices
  • Allows daisy-chaining of multiple Aurora and Hilo converters and other authorized Thunderbolt devices
  • ROHS compliant
  • Designed and manufactured in the USA by Lynx Studio Technology


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