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CalMAN Studio with SpectraCal C6 HDR2000 Free Shipping! New! On Sale!

CalMAN Studio with SpectraCal C6 HDR2000

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Our PN: SCLN0330047
Manufacturer: SpectraCal
Platform(s): Mac & Win

Availability: Usually ships in 2-business days or less.

List Price:$2,390.00

You Save: $500.00 (21%) through 04/30/2018.


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Quick Overview

Limited NAB Bundle!


The SpectraCal® C6 HDR2000

The SpectraCal® C6 HDR2000 Colorimeter is one of the most advanced light measurement devices available, providing the accuracy you need for the most demanding calibration. The C6 HDR2000 Colorimeter is field-upgradeable with CalMAN®, meaning that supported display technologies are automatically updated when the device connects with the software. Every C6 HDR2000 Colorimeter sold is first certified in SpectraCal's calibration lab and shipped with a NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) certificate of accuracy.

The C6 HDR2000 is designed and specified to measure luminance accuracy at a range up to 2000 cd/m2.

SpectraCal C6 HDR2000 Key Features

  • Supports all display technologies, including HDR, plasma, LCD LED, front-projection, and OLED
  • Field upgradable for new display technologies and calibration tables
  • Advanced low-light handling
  • Complete spectral characterization technology
  • NIST certified in SpectraCal's calibration lab prior to shipping
  • Luminance accuracy at a range up to 2000 cd/m2
  • Advanced light and color filters
  • Sealed optics and sensors for increased lifespan
  • Off-angle light compensation
  • Built-in ambient light diffuser and tripod mount threading

SpectraCal CalMAN Studio

CalMAN® Studio is SpectraCal's® complete calibration suite for studio professionals. Capable of calibrating Grade-1 reference monitors, computer monitors, and client-viewing flat panels or projectors, CalMAN Studio is the perfect tool for calibrating the entire production chain. Includes extensive hardware support for the latest monitors and video output devices, as well as advanced 3D LUT capabilities.

All CalMAN® software licenses are permanent and never ending.

Who Needs It

Production, post-production and broadcast professionals who want complete color accuracy across all steps of the production chain, from on-set reference monitors to client-viewing flat panels.

CalMAN Studio Key Features

  • Features the latest Lightning LUT™ technology for color corrective 3D LUTs
  • Reads 78 different color points in a 4,000 point cube in under five minutes
  • Exports 3D LUTs in any file format
  • Supports all established colorspace and gamma standards as well as custom standards
  • Offers expansive hardware support for the most popular meters and pattern generators
  • Supports Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve® and Assimilate SCRATCH® software as pattern generators
  • Features the latest AutoCube™ Technology for color correction 1D/3D LUTs
  • Provides three options for generating 3D LUTs depending on user's unique needs and time constraints
  • Includes ICC+ Technology from CalMAN RGB for computer monitor calibrations
  • Provides direct load 3D LUTs for select reference monitors
  • Includes AutoCal™ and DDC capabilities for automated display calibrations


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