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Content: Studio Environment Set 1 (SES 1) Kit

Mfr PN: 914
Our PN: FOUN0800009
Manufacturer: The Foundry
Platform(s): Mac & Win

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Product Type: Electronic Download
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Quick Overview

SES 1 is a collection of 51 high dynamic range spherically mapped images that provide a handy source of interior lighting for product shots, industrial design presentations, engineering visualization and packaging design. This Kit is designed for people who dont want to set up lighting but still want a variety of studio lighting schemes to experiment with in a fast and streamlined manner. For users of MODO, Bentley Systems MicroStation and SolidWorks 2011/2012 and up.



Manufacturer Part Number: 914

SES 1 provides a variety of designed HDRI spherical images complete with ground planes for easily obtaining professional-quality studio lighting for product shots, engineering visualizations, advertising art, or packaging shots. It is designed for people who would like to be able choose studio/interior lighting setups but do not want to invest the time set to create custom lighting set-ups for each project. The artists at 9b studios have done the work for you. Typical users of SES 1 are architects, artists, industrial designers, engineers, packaging specialists or CAD visualization professionals.

The use of SES 1 in MODO is made easy be the inclusion of 51 included environment presets which can easily be swapped in to see various lighting schemes using MODOs preview technology. These presets allow you to interactively control various aspects of these HDRI images on the fly.

What is the relationship of SES 1 to SLIK?
The HDRI images that make up SES 1 were created using SLIK. SLIK is a separately available Kit from The Foundry that provides all the tools to you need in MODO to create your own unique lighting environments. SES 1 is a collection of ready to use image-based studio lighting environments crafted by the artists at 9b studios.

Included Items

  • 51 high dynamic range (4000x2000 .hdr format) images that are spherically mapped for use as environmental lighting sources


  • MODO 801 / MODO 701 / MODO 601 / MODO 501
  • Also works with:
    • Bentley Systems MicroStation V8i
    • SolidWorks 2011 Professional
    • SolidWorks 2011 Premium
    • PhotoView (SolidWorks 2010)


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