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Everything Bundle

Our PN: GSGN0280015
Manufacturer: Greyscalegorilla
Platform(s): Mac & Win

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Quick Overview

Includes Transform, Light Kit Pro, HDRI Studio Pack, Signal, City Kit, Texture Kit Pro and the new Topcoat



Manufacturer Part Number: GSGEC4DBU

Transform for CINEMA 4D

Instant Animation Tool for Cinema 4D. Build, Destroy, Morph, Clone, and Explode your objects or type in seconds. No Keyframes Required. Buying Transform for yourself or for a freelancer? A single user license will allow you to install Transform on your work machine and one personal machine. Who said you can't work from home?

What is it?
Transform helps you quickly build and setup your scene by giving you all the controls to animate any object using no keyframes. Use our built in presets or take control using our custom animation system.

The Features
Choose from over 30 different preset animations for any object or group of objects in your scene. Or, customize your own movement and timing using our intuitive controls. Animate anything including Type, Individual Objects, and Clones with our system. All non destructive and procedurally.

Shatter And Explode
Use our 'Chunk Mode' and explode presets for a quick and non-destructive way to shatter your object into pieces.

Animate Anything
Not just for explode and shatter effects. Transform will help you animate anything you want. Text, Models, Clones, You name it. Use our Presets or use our Custom Mode to get full control over your objects no matter what they are.

Custom User Mode
Need more control? Take it. Use the Custom Mode to create your own specific look and effect. Simple sliders, curves and time remapping combine to give you full control over your animation. All with no key framing or animation knowledge needed.

Included Items

  • Day Time and Night Time The`med City Rigs
  • New City Shape Rigs and Presets. Put a city on any shape.
  • Day and Night Lighting Presets help create great looking cities fast.
  • 10 Ready-to-Render City Presets to get a head start on your next project.
  • Two hours of training and tutorials to get the most out of City Kit.


  • Topcoat requires Cinema 4D R16 and up. Runs on Mac or PC operating system.


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