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Fundamentals of Final Cut Pro (5 Webinar Series)

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Platform(s): Mac & Win

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Quick Overview

Get this informative webinar package at a deeply discounted bundle price!



Manufacturer Part Number: FUNFCP_BUNDLE

This bundle includes these 6 webinars:

01: Avoid Dropped Frames Match Your Storage to Your Video Media
09: Set-up, Optimize, and Trouble-shoot Final Cut Pro
10: Create Great Effects Inside Final Cut Pro
17: Edit and Trim Faster! In Final Cut Pro
20: Make Things Move Secrets of the Motion Tab in Final Cut
14: Grow your business

PowerUP 01: Avoid Dropped Frames Match Your Storage to Your Video Media

This is the first in Larry Jordans series, The Fundamentals of Final Cut Pro. This episode looks at the relationship between video formats and hard disk storage. In almost every case, a dropped frame error is caused by a hard disk that isn't fast enough to support the video format you are editing. In this session, you'll learn how to pick the right storage for your media, avoid problems with dropped frames, and keep your system running smoothly.This session does not review, or recommend, specific gear or manufacturers. Rather, it explains what you need to consider in determining which storage to buy or use.

Audience Level
This episode is designed for people configuring their system, or making the switch from standard definition video to high definition. While this contains a lot of technical information, it does not require a lot of computer or editing expertise on the part of the viewer.

Content Outline

  • Help you understand why dropped frames occur
  • Show that hard disks are more than storage
  • Define Data Transfer Rate
  • Provide four keys to selecting the right storage
  • Explain the technical 'secrets' of hard disks that limit performance
  • Show how you connect your hard disk to the computer affects speed
  • Illustrate the benefits and limitations of using Solid State Drives for video
  • Explain RAIDs, how they are rated, and how to select the right one
  • Show how to measure the speed of your hard disk
  • Showcase the hard disk requirements of popular SD video formats
  • Showcase the hard disk requirements of popular HD video formats
  • Explain why multiclips requires more performance from your storage
  • Provide examples of how to provision your system
  • Show how different video formats demand different performance from storage
  • Illustrate what types of hard disks will safely support your media

NOTE: The initial webinar was sponsored by Data Robotics, Inc.

Total Run Time: 00:43:33

PowerUP 09: Set-up, Optimize, and Trouble-shoot Final Cut Pro

Nothing generates more questions and confusion that trying to figure out how to best set-up, organize, optimize, and trouble-shoot Final Cut Pro. In this Final Cut Pro tutorial, Larry Jordan shows you how to organize your hard disks, set up a working folder structure, create a consistent project and folder naming system, optimize key preference settings, and trouble-shoot common Final Cut Pro problems. If you feel like Final Cut is running on square wheels, this seminar is for you.NOTE: This presentation supports all versions of Final Cut Pro. The discussion covering tapeless media is most relevant for Final Cut Pro 7 users.

Audience Level
This is especially helpful for the new, self-taught, or infrequent user. As well, people experiencing frequent problems with Final Cut Pro will also find this very helpful.

Content Outline

  • Explain what scratch disks are and how to organize them
  • Show where to create and how to name scratch disk folders
  • Show where to create and how to name project folders
  • Explain how to store and organize source media from tapeless formats
  • Show where to create and how to name folders for tapeless media
  • Show and explain optimum settings for all Final Cut preference files
  • Learn maintenance procedures to minimize the 'Spinning Beach Ball of Death'
  • Learn maintenance procedures to minimize dropped frames
  • Learn how to trash Final Cut Pro preference files
  • Trouble-shoot common Final Cut Pro problems
  • Learn how to archive project files for the future
  • Discover other software that can help maintain your Final Cut Studio system
  • Example: Optimizing System Settings preferences
  • Example: Customizing Audio/Video preferences
  • Example: Creating a custom Easy Setup
  • Example: Optimizing User Preferences
  • Example: Optimizing Sequence > Render settings
  • Example: Learn how to repair Disk Permissions
  • Example: Learn how to trash Final Cut Pro preference files
  • Example: Learn how to use Media Manager to archive project files

Total Run Time: 01:00:03

PowerUP 10: Create Great Effects Inside Final Cut Pro

Creating effects is the coolest part of working with Final Cut Pro -- providing you know how.Otherwise, it's an exercise in frustration. In this one-hour Final Cut Pro tutorial, Larry Jordan shows you how to create some very cool effects using the tools that Final Cut ships with.

Filled with step-by-step, real-world examples, this session covers motion effects, text effects, generators, and shows what the filters in FCP can REALLY do! This also explains hard-to-understand concepts of keyframes, composite modes, and nests. Learn how to use Final Cut Pro to bring your imagination to life!

NOTE: This presentation supports features found in Final Cut Pro version 5 or later. All effects are created using features found inside Final Cut Pro, no third-party software is used. This tutorial does not show how to create effects inside the application Motion.

Audience Level
This session is helpful for the self-taught or infrequent user, as well as an experienced user who wants to understand how to create effects in general, and not just provide a 'cookbook' of steps.

Content Outline

  • Introduce the three effects groups inside Final Cut - text, motion, filters
  • Show how to create text effects
  • Show how to create motion effects
  • Show how to create filter effects
  • Show how the groups work together to create more complex effects
  • Define keyframes and show how to use them
  • Show how to improve rendering of scaled or rotated images
  • Define composite modes and show how to use them
  • Define nests and show how to use them
  • Define generators and show how to use them
  • Effect example: Create and modify a text clip
  • Effect example: Create a multi-color text effect
  • Effect example: Use composite modes to add texture to a text clip
  • Effect example: Use a partial transition to wipe to a split-screen effect
  • Effect example: Warp images using the Distort tool
  • Effect example: Use keyframes to modify an image over time
  • Effect example: Create a nest, then modify a group of images with keyframes
  • Effect example: Change the anchor point to provide variety in scale and rotation
  • Effect example: Create non-standard sizes for QuickTime movies
  • Effect example: Soften skin tones with blurs and composite modes
  • Effect example: Create a traveling matte - video inside a shape
  • Effect example: Create a vignette - darkening the edges of an image
  • Effect example: Create a better sepia-toned image
  • Effect example: Show where to find the Bars and Tone generator
  • Effect example: Add 'punch' to landscapes using gradients and composite modes
  • Effect example: Create a starship time-warp (OK, I couldn't resist!)

Total Run Time: 00:59:55

PowerUP 17: Edit and Trim Faster in Final Cut Pro

This Final Cut tutorial is part of Larry Jordans Fundamentals of Final Cut Pro series. Many of us taught ourselves how to edit in Final Cut Pro. The problem is, if you are like most of my students, you taught yourself some REALLY slow techniques. Wouldn't it be great if you could edit faster? Trim faster? And rediscover those two things you really miss: sleep and a social life!!This Final Cut tutorial shows you specific techniques that you can put to work immediately to make your editing FLY! You'll save so much time, you can stop looking at those pictures stuck on the wall and rediscover what the actual faces of your family look like!

This Final Cut tutorial covers the basics of editing in Final Cut Pro. Long-time users may learn something, new and self-taught users absolutely will learn ways to work faster and easier.

Audience Level
This tutorial will be most helpful to editors that have a basic knowledge of Final Cut Pro.

Content Outline
This tutorial is almost all hands-on working with Final Cut Pro. Show how to create, name, and organize sequences in the Browser.

  • Show different ways to load clips from the Browser into the Viewer.
  • Show multiple ways to mark clips, that is, add Ins and Outs.
  • Explain the difference between Overwrite and Insert editing.
  • Show five different ways to overwrite edit clips into the Timeline.
  • Show five different ways to insert edit clips into the Timeline.
  • Show how to edit clips from the Out.
  • Show how to replace a clip.
  • Show how to replace a range of clips.
  • Show almost a dozen ways to trim clips.
  • Show how to use the Trim Edit window.
  • Show how to trim clips in real-time.
  • Show how to trim audio and video separately without unlinking clips.
  • Show how to avoid conflicts with keyboard shortcuts between Mac OS X and Final Cut Pro.
  • Showcase keyboard shortcuts for creating sequences.
  • Showcase keyboard shortcuts for marking clips.
  • Showcase keyboard shortcuts for editing clips.
  • Showcase keyboard shortcuts for trimming clips.

Total Run Time: 01:05:02

PowerUP 20: Secrets of the Motion Tab in Final Cut Pro

This is another in our Fundamentals of Final Cut Pro webinars. This time we feature the Motion tab. In this session, we'll look at how the Motion tab works, explain why keyframes are so cool and how to use them, and show you creative ways to harness the Motion tab to create motion effects that you may not have considered.If keyframes scare you and the Motion tab is a mystery, you are going to have a great time at this session. And for you long-time Final Cut wizards, this is a great way to refresh your skills on basic operations.

Audience Level:
You should have any version of Final Cut Pro installed on your system. This session is designed as an introductory course to motion effects, though it helps to have a basic knowledge of the Final Cut Pro interface.

NOTE: This session does not discuss how to change clip speed or create motion blur.

Content Outline:

  • Show how to use the Motion tab to apply motion effects to a clip
  • Show how to copy, change, or delete effect settings
  • Illustrate how to use the eight basic motion tab parameters
  • Show how to adjust motion settings in both the Canvas and the VieweShow how to create non-animated motion effects
  • Show how to harness the power of the Anchor Point and Distort
  • Explain how and when to use Action Safe and Title Safe boundaries
  • Show how to copy effects between clips
  • Define keyframes
  • Show how to add, modify, and delete keyframes
  • Show how to create animated motion effectsDEMO: Create a picture-in-picture effect
  • DEMO: Make an image float over a background
  • DEMO: Rotate an image
  • DEMO: Position an image to appear on the side of another object
  • DEMO: Copy effects between clips
  • DEMO: Create, modify, reposition, and delete keyframes
  • DEMO: Make an image change size during playback
  • DEMO: Make an image slide around the screen
  • DEMO: Make an image change size, position, and rotation
  • DEMO: Make an image, and its shadow, move to imply change in depth
  • DEMO: Show the best drop shadow settings for SD and HD text

Total Run Time: 01:02:37

PowerUP 14: Grow Your Business

Whether you are an individual looking for a job, or a company looking for more clients, this tutorial by Larry Jordan can help you find work. Filled with practical tips and lots of thought-provoking insight on what clients are looking for, this one-hour webinar is designed to give you a fresh perspective on growing your business.Starting with tips for solo job-hunters, this session helps you determine your strengths that clients are willing to pay for, develop your personal marketing plan, create effective marketing tools, discover what clients really need, learn killer techniques for finding work without asking for a job, and get a detailed look at using social media as part of your marketing plan.

The session wraps up with specific ideas you can put to work today to help you manage your time, manage your clients, and manage your money -- including a special section on how to determine what to charge for your time and gear.

If growing your business is important to you, then watching this session should be first on your list!

NOTE: This webinar is designed for individuals and small companies. It doesn't require any software, just enthusiasm, a willingness to consider new ideas, and an interest in making more money.

Audience Level
This session is really helpful to any free-lance editor or small production company looking to expand their business. We first produced this session in 2007 -- and it has become our most popular training ever. Now, we've refined it, updated it, and added a whole new section on social media!

Content Outline

  • Tips for the solo job hunter
  • Determine your job strengths
  • Solve business challenges
  • Take a client to lunch - and take notes
  • Determine what a client needs
  • Develop a marketing plan - for You!
  • Create the marketing tools you need to find work
  • Never ask for a job!
  • Balancing client needs vs. wants
  • Using social media for marketing
  • Sometimes you need to listen
  • Twitter vs. Facebook vs. Linked In
  • Managing time
  • Managing clients
  • Stealing clients (and keeping the ones you've got)
  • Managing money
  • Pricing your services - and gear

Total Run Time: 00:58:00


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