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GEF-3GSDI-16X 16x 3GSDI Rack Tray Free Shipping!

Our PN: GEFN9100130
Manufacturer: Gefen
Platform(s): Mac & Win

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Quick Overview

Combine sixteen 3GSDI Fiber Optic Extenders in a modular rack tray



Manufacturer Part Number: GEF-3GSDI-16X

The GefenPRO 16x 3GSDI Extender Racktray is a companion product to the GefenPRO 16x16 3GSDI Matrix (not Included) and is the perfect solution for mounting 3GSDI fiber optic extenders into a single rack (1U) space. The power connector on each Extender connects to a central power bus on the rack tray. Dual redundant 12 V DC power supplies provide enough power to connect up to 16 individual fiber optic extenders. The modular rack tray conforms to the EIA-310 standard and will fit in a standard 1U rack space.

How It Works

Unscrew and remove the clamping bracket from the top of the unit. Remove the protective cover from the fiber optic connector on the extender. Attach the appropriate ST-terminated fiber optic cable from the rack unit to the fiber connector on the extender unit. Gently push and turn the ring of the connector until it locks securely around the fiber optic connector of the unit. Connect the power supplies to the power receptacles on the rear of the unit (For full redundancy, the power supplies should be plugged into separate electrical circuits). Use the included male-to-male BNC adapter and attach it to the BNC connector of the fiber optic extender. When attaching the BNC adapter, make sure that the hex screw is positioned outside of the U-shaped slot on the front of the rack tray. Using the supplied wrench, tighten the hex screw to secure the fiber optic extender in place. Perform the same procedure for the remaining fiber optic extender units. After the fiber optic extenders are installed in the rack tray, replace the clamping bracket on the top of the unit. Mount the 16x Extender Rack Tray in the equipment rack, and connect the 3GSDI and fiber optic cables to the back of the rack tray.


  • Modular design that can accommodate up to sixteen 3GSDI fiber optic extenders (Gefen part no. GEF-3GSDI-FO-141)
  • Single 12V power bus with redundant power supplies providing power to all 16 mounting brackets
  • Power failure LED indicators


  • Power Supply: (2) 12 V / 6.67 DC power supplies (second power supply optional for redundancy)
  • Dimensions: 20in W x 1.73in H x 6.77in D
  • Weight (fully loaded): 28 lbs.
  • Shipping Weight: 4 lbs.


You're reviewing: GEF-3GSDI-16X 16x 3GSDI Rack Tray

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