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H.264 Pro Recorder Free Shipping!

Our PN: BMDN5010031
Manufacturer: Blackmagic Design
Platform(s): Mac & Win

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Quick Overview

Now it's easy to distribute your clients H.264 video files to websites, YouTube™, iPhone™ and even iPad™ Blackmagic Design's H.264 Pro Recorder handles capture from all popular video formats so you can encode directly from professional broadcast decks!



Manufacturer Part Number: VIDPROREC

What's new in Desktop Video 8.2

  • PC
    • Support for Windows 2008 R2
    • Fixed Sub-clip playback issue in Premiere Pro CS 5.5
    • Fixed RP 188 timecode parsing in DeckLink driver
  • MAC
    • Mac OS X 10.7 Lion support
    • Extended Desktop for HD Extreme and Multibridge models
    • Fixed frame by frame audio scrubbing in Premiere Pro CS 5.5
    • Fixed Sub-clip playback issue in Premiere Pro CS 5.5
    • Fixed RP 188 timecode parsing in DeckLink driver
    • Improved Closed Caption support in Premiere Pro CS 5.5
    • Added DVCPRO presets in Premiere Pro CS 5.5

Professional Encoding
H.264 Pro Recorder is for the industry professional who needs professional encoding from SDI, HDMI, analog component/composite and balanced audio! H.264 Pro Recorder includes Blackmagic Designs powerful Media Express for frame accurate deck control with EDL import! Media Express lets you encode on Mac, Windows and Linux!

Maximum Flexibility!
The perfect low cost way to capture from professional broadcast decks directly to SD and HD H.264 files! With new ways of delivering content to consumers, now its easy to capture old or new programming content into the same file format used on the web, iPad, iPod, iPhone, Apple TV, YouTube and more! Capture directly from SDI, HDMI and component analog video with embedded SDI, HDMI and balanced analog audio inputs. RS-422 deck control is included with software for Mac, Windows and Linux!

Highest Quality Video Capture
H.264 Pro Recorder allows you to select between SDI, HDMI and analog component video inputs with selection between inputs. You can select to take audio from the SDI, HDMI or stereo balanced analog audio input jacks. H.264 can be connected directly to HD or SD video sources because the SDI, HDMI and analog component inputs all switch between formats. This means you can capture from HDCAM, Digital Betacam, Betacam SP, DVD players and more!

Preserve Archive Footage
Old videotapes are delicate and have a limited life. With old videotapes deteriorating and decks that can play them getting rare, encoding video is the only way to preserve valuable footage! Use H.264 to archive old programming, news footage and other materials that might be on old videotape formats, before the tapes deteriorate and the content is lost forever. With H.264 Pro Recorder, all captured files are digital, and in the popular H.264 file format, so your content will never deteriorate and will be preserved forever!

Media Express Software Included!
Blackmagic Media Express is included free with H.264 Pro Recorder. Media Express lets you batch capture your H.264 files with an attractive user interface that's a pleasure to use, even after hours of encoding work! You can even create your own playlist from captured files. Media Express also supports CMX EDL import and frame accurate deck control via RS-422, so you can fully automate batch capture of multiple H.264 files! Media Express is fast, accurate and easy to use and works on Mac OS X, Windows and Linux!

Simple Software
H.264 Pro Recorder comes with simple and easy to use Media Express software. The interface is versatile in its design with all the configurations you need to make great captures. It can even send them direct to your iTunes!

Memories Rescued!
Like us, we knew thousands of people out there have hours of home movies stuck on VHS tapes. Even though H.264 is a professional encoder, it's affordable enough for high quality home use! Now you can protect those old VHS tapes, so there has never been a simpler way to save birthdays, weddings or special moments to your hard disk.

Clear Display
Media Express features digital style VU meters for audio monitoring. To capture, all you need to do is select capture now, and your instantly capturing direct to H.264 encoded files!

It could not be simpler, so it's also fast to use! If your doing multiple captures, then you can even import an EDL and start batch capturing each shot completely automatically!

Perfect for Online Content
Use Video Recorder and H.264 Pro Recorder to encode for the web! Now encode the millions of hours of content into online formats for fun or profit! Save time by direct resize and encoding all in one step!


  • Connections
    • SDI Video Input 1 x 12 bit SD/HD switchable.
    • Analog Video Input 1 x Component YUV on 3 BNCs switchable to S-Video or Composite.
    • Component supports HD and SD.
    • HDMI Video Input 1 x HDMI type A connector.
    • SDI Audio Input 2 Channels from embedded SDI audio.
    • Analog Audio Input 2 Channels of professional balanced analog audio with standard 1/4 inch jack connections.
    • HDMI Audio Input 2 Channels from embedded HDMI audio.
    • Device Control Sony compatible RS422 deck control port.
    • Computer Interface USB 2.0 high speed (480Mb/s)
  • Standards
    • HD Format Support 720p50, 720p59.94, 720p60, 1080PsF23.98, 1080p23.98, 1080PsF24, 1080p24, 1080PsF25, 1080p25, 1080PsF29.97, 1080p29.97, 1080PsF30, 1080p30, 1080i50, 1080p50, 1080i59.94, 1080p59.94, 1080i60, and 1080p60.
    • SD Format Support 625/25 PAL, 525/29.97 NTSC and 480p.
    • SDI Compliance SMPTE 259M and 292.
    • Multiple Rate support SDI, HDMI and component analog video connections are switchable between standard definition and high definition. SDI switches between 270 Mb/s standard definition SDI, 1.5 Gb/s HD-SDI and 3 Gb/s HD-SDI.
    • Video Sampling 4:2:2
    • Color Precision 12 bit
    • Color Space 4:2:2 YUV
    • Audio Sampling Television standard sample rate of 48 kHz and 24 bit.
    • HDMI Color Precision 12 bit
    • Copy Protection For legal reasons HDMI input is unable to capture from copy protected HDMI sources. Always confirm copyright ownership before capture or distribution of content.
  • Processing
    • Encoding Hardware based real-time H.264 encoder supports multiple profiles for small, portable video devices through to full resolution HDTV.
    • Real-time Scaling Capture at full HD or SD resolution, or use direct resize in real-time to scale and encode for the intended playback device, such as iPhone, iPad or iPod.
    • Real-time Cropping Adjustable tools provide real-time cropping of unwanted video artifacts such as black borders and VHS switching.
  • Warranty: 12 Month Limited Manufacturers Warranty.

Included Items

  • Media Express, Blackmagic System Preferences and Blackmagic driver on Mac OS X.
  • Media Express, Blackmagic Control Panel and Blackmagic driver on Windows.


  • PC
    • Microsoft Windows 7 64-bit
    • USB 2.0 connection.
    • 4 GB of system memory.
    • Apple Quicktime 7.6.9 or later for Windows.
    • Media Express 2.4 or later.
  • MAC
    • Mac OS X 10.7 Lion and QuickTime 10 or later.
    • Mac OS X 10.6.6 Snow Leopard and QuickTime 10 or later.
    • USB 2.0 connection.
    • 4 GB of system memory.
    • Media Express 2.4 or later.


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