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HDV and Blu-ray for the RT.X2 (Electronic)

Mfr PN: SAHN3010007
Our PN: SAHN3010007
Manufacturer: Safe Harbor
Platform(s): Win

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Quick Overview

Over 90 minutes of training will have you creating beautiful Blu-ray discs with stunning HD footage. Jeff Pulera, the "RTX.2 guru," will explain HDV and Blu-ray, and the key procedures that will allow you to create crisp, high-resolution Blu-ray discs for your clients.



Jeff Pulera, the RTX.2 guru', will explain the HDV and Blu-ray formats as well as the steps, tips, and tricks necessary to maximize the workflow in the RT.X2.

You will gain an understanding of:

  • The technical details of HDV and Blu-ray
  • Supported HD formats and ingest procedures
  • The proper workflow for using HD with your RT.X2
  • Monitoring options including downconversion
  • Mixed-format editing and aspect ratio conversions
  • Encoding options and settings for Blu-ray
  • Blu-ray menu creation using Encore and Photoshop
  • and much more!

This tutorial is geared towards beginning users already familiar with Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 and the RT.X2 in general.

Chapter List

  1. Overview 2:03
  2. What is HDV? 6:16
  3. Other HD Formats 3:31
  4. HD Project Presets 2:35
  5. HDV Camera Setup 3:18
  6. Video Capture 5:04
  7. HD Monitoring 5:36
  8. HD Workflows 2:46
  9. Mixed-Format Editing 8:11
  10. HDV Zoom and Pan 6:15
  11. Export to DVD 7:20
  12. Export to HDV 2:32
  13. What is Blu-ray Disc? 2:20
  14. Export to Encore 3:05
  15. Encoding for Blu-ray 11:15
  16. Blu-ray Authoring 3:05
  17. Encore Menus 22:24

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