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intensiKey 2.0 Free Shipping!

Our PN: IKYN0800001
Manufacturer: intensiKey
Platform(s): Win

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Quick Overview

intensiKey Pro 2.0 is a powerful 3D virtual set post production program designed from the ground up for ease of use while giving the user unprecedented 3D camera movement and chromakeying. Simply load your green screen footage in to the software, add any B Source material for screens, create a camera movement using our simple click and drag interface and timeline, select your output format and resolution, and render.



Manufacturer Part Number: IKPRO20


Easy to use interFace
Designed from the ground up to be powerful yet easy to use, intensiKey meets the needs of a broad range of virtual set compositing tasks including chroma keying, sizing talent appropriately into the virtual set, and adding B source video correctly to monitors.

Easy to use Green Screen
intensiKey built in chroma keyer let's you bring footage in straight from your camera. Key even difficult footage without getting overly technical with just a few easy to use controls.

Free Trial
intensiKey does all this without having to learn any complicated 3D or compositing software. Demo intensiKey and see for yourself how virtual set production has been revolutionized.

How it Works
intensikey chroma keyerThe chroma keyer works by removing green or blue pixels in a certain range. This 'sees' through to the 3D virtual set behind it, creating the illusion that the talent is actually immersed in the environment. intensiKey goes further allowing you to place the talent behind objects like desks or walk out from behind pillars.

Virtual Sets
intensiKey includes five amazing virtual sets designed specifically for use with intensikey. These sets are true 3D virtual environments, you can position your talent and camera anywhere in them and animate the camera movement.

intensiKey's sets put your footage into the right place, sizing your talent appropriately and putting your B Source footage into screens without any complex manipulation.

intensikey virtual set studio 159intensiKey 3D studio let's you control the camera position over time as well as where in the set your talent is with the over complicated interface of a 3D program.


intensiKey's interface is easy to use and broken into several panels handling different aspects of the creation of a virtual set composite.

Scene Tab
This is where we load the 3D virtual sets which controls the virtual set used in your project.

Source Tab
This is where you load your green screen footage. You can trim it and set it's volume as well as define whether it's a 4x3 or 16x9 video and crop out any unwanted parts of the image.

Chromakey Tab
The chroma key tab is where you adjust the settings that key your green screen footage.

B Source Tab
This is where you add video or graphics to what goes into the main set of screens. Duration of the clip can be trimmed and looped, audio levels adjusted.

C Source Tab
The C Source tab controls what goes into the secondary screens in the set. Duration of the clip can be trimmed and looped, audio levels adjusted.

Output Tab
This tab determines what format and resolution the scene will be rendered to.

Preview Window
Above, the Preview Window is where movement of the camera and talent are controlled and the scene is previewed.

Below, the Timeline is how you control animation over the course of the clip, adding keyframes which tell the camera where to be when.


intensiKey is designed to run on a wide range of PC systems but prefers the newer graphics cards from AMD and nvidia

Minimum System Specifications:

  • Operating System Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8
  • Processor AMD/Intel
  • Hard Drive 120 Mb
  • DirectX 9.0c
  • Graphics Card Model GeForce 7xxx or newer
  • Radeon X1300 or newer
  • Graphics Card RAM 512 Mb
  • RAM 1 Gb


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