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Livestream Studio Surface Track Free Shipping!

Livestream Studio Surface Track

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Our PN: LVSN5660002
Manufacturer: Livestream
Platform(s): Mac & Win

List Price:$5,999.00

You Save: $299.95 (5%)


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Quick Overview

Modular control surface expansion track made to fit seamlessly with the Surface Core.



Manufacturer Part Number: STUDIO SURFACE TRACK

15 assignable tracks with audio mixer and rotary controls

Take the Livestream Studio Surface Core to the next level with this track module, crafted specifically to expand the Studio Surface Core for larger productions. Surface Track magnetically aligns with the Core module, providing producers an intuitive and familiar control surface layout with additional 15 assignable tracks, rotary controls and an expansive audio mixer. Simply connect the Surface Track to Livestream Studio via USB for an affordable, flexible solution to scale up to complex broadcasts.


  • -15 assignable tracks
  • -3 LCD screens that display audio PPMs, gain, and peak warnings
  • -Multi-function menus that are specific to each track
  • -Dedicated rotary controller for fast access to each track
  • -4 colored LED lights that designate workflow:
    • -Red: Actions that affect PGM output
    • -Green: Preview actions
    • -Yellow: Linked functions (linked audio, transition TIE, data push in GFX tracks)
    • -Blue: Configurable menu/macro system
  • -Audio mixer with bi-directional motorized faders and precise PPM displays
  • -Magnetic guides to hold modules in place elegantly
  • -Custom molded tactile controls throughout
  • -Beautiful and robust machined aluminum frame
  • -Simple USB connection to any Livestream Studio product
  • -Power Connection: LEMO Connector
  • -5.5in H x 13.5in W x 15.5in L


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