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Our PN: WTON0280018
Manufacturer: WTools3D
Platform(s): Mac & Win

Product Type: Electronic Download
Time to Delivery: After 3PM CST electronic products may not be invoiced until next business day. Please allow up to 24 hours for delivery.

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Product NamePrice
LWCAD 5.2 Upgrade (from 3.x)$250.00
LWCAD 5.2 Upgrade (from 4.x)$149.00


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Quick Overview

LWCAD 5 released! The beginning of NURBS era in LightWave 3d!



Manufacturer Part Number: LWCAD5

LWCAD 5.2 new features

Major Updates:
Smart Selection - LightWave selectiontools with smart selections are initialized with LightWave selection
NURBS offset algorithmimproved precision of end point tangents (interpolation mode)
NURBS extrude algorithmimproved precision when extruding NURBS surface (interpolation mode)
Clone Tools - instancesnew clone tools supporting LwCad instances
Clone Tools - random modulenew random functions included in all cloning tools
Clone Tools - collisions modulenew collision functions included in all cloning tools
Point Clonenew clone tool for cloning to certain point with rotation possibility
Line Clonenew clone tool for cloning along line,curve or spline (partially replacing Vector Clone)
Array Clonecompletely rewritten array clone tool with new pivot and bounding modes
Radial Clonecompletely rewritten radial clone tool
Surface Clonenew clone tool for cloning on polygons and nurbs surfaces (replacement for Spray Clone)
Uv Randomnew tool for UV maps randomization
Snap Panel - INST snappingnew 'inst snapping' parameter, snaping to important points on instances from Shape Library
Automatic installerinstaller is able to do automatic installation even if LightWave doesn't have configuration files
Options Panelnew 'precision [digit]' parameter, drawing dimensions in viewport with custom precision
Minor Updates:
Move Snapnew clone mode triggered with holding SHIFT key (replacement for previous Vector Clone)
Rotate Snapnew clone mode triggered with holding SHIFT key (replacement for previous Radial Clone)
Mirror Toolnew clone mode, tool moved to Modify section
Line,Arc,Spiral,Rectangle Stair,Fencesteps count visible in viewport when step snap enabled
Line,Pipe,Wall,Line Stair,Line Roof, Fencenew 'Angle' parameter, tools can adjust the angle between between last and previous last segment
Stair Toolsnew 'Reduce' parameter
Stair Toolsnew 'Geometry Type' parameter
Pipe , Profilerail freeze' parameter replaced with 'Rail Divisions' parameter (polygons and NURBS mode)
Profile'pivot' parameter is replaced with 'Pivot X' and 'Pivot Y' percentage parameters
Profilenew 'Keep Curves' parameter
Offset,Round,Extrude,Profilenew 'Show Handles' parameter, enable-disable drawing of handles in viewport
Extendnew 'Reduce option' parameter, extended segment is automatically reduced with original curve
Convert CurvesNURBS Curve' option updated to convert poly-line to nurbs curve
UCS grid + constraint + angle snapupdated snapping when snap event occurring on surface in perspective viewport


LWCAD is a top set of add-on modeling plugins for LightWave 3D. Core of this package contains a complete set of standard CAD tools with the most advanced osnap engine. It equips your favorite modeling program with the countless features normally available only in expensive CAD applications. Latest versions contains some revolutionary features as a real-time curve booleans or real-time polygons drilling which are absolutely unique in the industry. Also new set of archiviz tools which is specially designed for creating architecture. It allows user to create a complex building in a few minutes. Those new features will push you into another modeling dimension.

LWCAD 5.1 New Features

  • Interactive Mode - new interactive mode for Rectangle,Circle,Arc and derived tools
  • Pivot Handle - new behavior of Vector Clone, Move Snap tools
  • Angle Tool - new behavior of Angle and Rotate Snap tools
  • Arc Tool - new spiral mode and spring mode (using depth)
  • Radial Clone - new spiral mode
  • Array Clone - new rotate handle; new Show Handles and Show Buttons option
  • Ucs Grid - reverted back to three modes: OFF,LW,UCS
  • Fence - simplified into two library types: fence and column, no presets; new start-end column buttons; new TAN button
  • Round - updated to round edge of closed NURBS surfaces

LWCAD 5.0 key features

Smart Mesh

  • new unified geometry system based on polygons and NURBS surfaces

  • shared edges between polygons and nurbs surfaces are defined by new curves

  • curve version 2 - new version of nurbs curve with variable knot vector (backward compatible)
    - closed segments
    - improved editing options

  • flat surface - flat nurbs polygon based on new nurbs curves
    - compatible with polygons

  • nurbs surface - standard nurbs surface with 2,3, or 4 edges
    - open-closed along U or V direction

Smart Selection

  • new in-built selection system
  • fully integrated into smart edit tools

Smart Edit

  • minimalistic set of editing tools
  • complete set of editing operations compressed into few tools
  • works with smart mesh and nurbs curves

Multilingual support

All menu items, panels and messages are translated into:
German, French,Italian and Japan languages

Automatic installer

professional installation, LWCAD is set up automatically for specified LightWave

LWCAD 5.0 updates


  • all curve primitive tools support curve 2

  • all surface primitive tools support polygons and nurbs surfaces

  • Point Tool - can divide new curves and smart mesh

  • Line Tool - new spline mode which creates an interpolated curve


  • Curvs To Surfs - converts curves to polygons or flat surfaces

  • Surf To Curvs - converts smart mesh to curves

  • Quads To NURBS - new tool, converts quad polygons to nurbs surfaces

  • Freeze NURBS - converts smart mesh to polygons

Modify and Clone

  • all tools upgraded to work with smart mesh
  • Drag and Weight - updated to be able to drag smart mesh and curves


  • Join-Explode - updated to work with smart mesh, new auto corrections

  • Divide - new tool for dividing smart mesh and curves
  • Reduce - updated to reduce flat nurbs surfaces as well as polygons
  • Flip - new tool for flipping orientation of smart mesh and curves

Smart Edit

  • Offset - Mass Offset upgraded to support smart mesh and smart selection
  • Extrude - Mass Extrude upgraded to support smart mesh and smart selection
  • Round - Mass Round upgraded to support smart mesh and smart selection
  • Loft - new skinning tool, creates blended surfaces on smart mesh

  • Patch - new patch tool, creates nurbs and flat patches

  • Profile - Profiler upgraded to support smart mesh and smart selection

Shape Library

  • Export Instance Data - new tool for exporting LWCAD instance positions into text file
  • Export Instance Lwo - new tool for exporting LWCAD instances as LWO objects


  • all snap modes updated to also work with Smart Mesh

  • NEAR - disabled pol snap on ucs in perspective viewport

  • INT - intersections between polygons, edges, curves, lines, axis and projections

  • UCS grid - visualization of grid snapping

  • UCS grid - works on pol edges, curves, constraints, axis, and projections
    - visualize ruler on ucs axis

  • RULER - works on nurbs segments, pol edges, and nurbs surface edges

  • PROJ - visualize all nearest and possible projections

  • AUTO UCS - new intuitive automatic mode, aligned to left corner


  • Windows 64-bit with installed LightWave 9.6 64-bit or higher.
  • Mac OS with installed LightWave 9.6 64-bit or higher.
  • This is absolute minimum for using LWCAD 5!

Automatic Installer:

  • Windows 64-bit with LightWave 10 64-bit or higher
  • Mac OS with installed LightWave 2015 64-bit or higher.
  • If you have older LightWave license then you have to install LWCAD manually!

Multilingual Support:

  • Windows 64-bit or Mac OS with installed LightWave 2015 64-bit or higher.
  • If you have older LightWave license then LWCAD will be English only!

NURBS surfaces visibility in Layout

  • Windows 64-bit or Mac OS with installed LightWave 2015.3+ 64-bit or higher.
  • If you have older LightWave license then NURBS surfaces will be fully supported in Modeler but not visible in Layout. You have to freeze them to polygons in Modeler before rendering in Layout!


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