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Matrox RT.X2 Revealed 4.0 Tutorial (Electronic)

Mfr PN: SAHN3010013
Our PN: SAHN3010013
Manufacturer: Safe Harbor
Platform(s): Win

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Quick Overview

Jeff Pulera, acclaimed professional videographer and industry guru, unveils techniques and tricks that will help you realize the full potential of your RT.X2 system with Adobe CS3 and CS4.



A must-have training tutorial for RT.X2 users!

Learn from a master at work as Jeff unlocks the power in RT.X2. He works step-by-step, showing you the necessary settings for just the right look, resulting in a production that is SURE to impress your clients. This CD provides more than three hours of valuable instruction in over 40 easy-to-access, individual segments, each about 5 minutes in length. The CD-ROM plays on your PC and requires Windows Media Player and at least 1024x768 screen resolution.

This tutorial is aimed at all skill levels of RT.X2 users, from beginner to advanced, although familiarity with Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 or CS4 is recommended. Both Adobe CS3 and CS4 are utilized in this instruction, but all content applies to any RT.X2 user.

Get ready to learn how to:

  • Properly configure the A/V connections and software settings
  • Incorporate and utilize the supported formats, inputs, outputs and capabilities of RT.X2
  • Choose project settings and capture video with RT.X2
  • Select and use all of the Matrox real-time effects, with a walk-through of settings and examples of using each
  • Incorporate effective techniques, such as creating your own mask images, alpha channel AVI overlays, combining effects and more
  • Utilize export options for tape, DVD, Blu-Ray, IPod, and more!

Chapter List:

  • Introduction/CS4 Updates
  • Matrox Tool
  • Input/Output Connections
  • CS3 Project Presets
  • CS4 Project Presets
  • CS3 Preferences
  • CS4 Preferences Update
  • CS4 Sequence Settings
  • Capture
  • Matrox Wipe Transitions
  • Creating Custom Wipes
  • Matrox AVI with Alpha
  • Matrox Move & Scale
  • Matrox 3D DVE
  • Matrox Shadow
  • Matrox Color Correction Primary
  • Matrox Color Correction Primary Advanced
  • Matrox Color Correction Secondary
  • Matrox Speed Change
  • Matrox Shine
  • Matrox 4-Corner Pin
  • Matrox Blur/Soft Focus
  • Matrox Chroma Key/Chroma Key Shadow
  • Matrox Luma Key
  • Matrox Mask
  • Custom Masks
  • Matrox Track Matte
  • Matrox Garbage Matte
  • Matrox Page Curl
  • Matrox Ripple
  • Matrox Twirl
  • Matrox Crystallize
  • Matrox Cube
  • Matrox Impressionist
  • Matrox Lens Flare
  • Matrox Old Movie
  • Matrox Pan & Scan
  • Matrox Sphere
  • Matrox Surface Finish
  • Timecode
  • Matrox EZ-HDV
  • Export to Tape
  • CS3 Matrox Media Encoder
  • CS4 Adobe Media Encoder


Over 4 hours of invaluable training

About the Instructor
Jeff Pulera has been a professional videographer for over 15 years. He owns Digital Vision Productions, a Milwaukee-based company that specializes in corporate, event and wedding videography. The author of many tech reviews and articles, Jeff is widely known throughout the industry as the 'Matrox guru.'

'I have to say that I quite like it!! Jeff did a real nice job, love some of the techniques, and I actually learned a few things from it.'- Wayne Andrews, Matrox RT Product Manager.

Read the review by Steven Gotz.


  • Viewer should be familiar with the features of Premiere Pro CS3 or CS4
  • Requires Windows Media Player
  • Requires 1024 x 768 screen resolution


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