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Media Composer | Support (Elite Support Renewal)

Media Composer | Support (Elite Support Renewal)

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Mfr PN: 0541-39304-14
Our PN: AVIN0320237
Manufacturer: Avid
Platform(s): Mac & Win

Product Type: Electronic Download
Time to Delivery: After 3PM CST electronic products may not be invoiced until next business day. Please allow up to 24 hours for delivery.

List Price:$400.00

You Save: $45.01 (11%)


This product is for sale in North America only. Due to manufacturer's restrictions, Safe Harbor can not ship this product internationally.

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Quick Overview

Avid Elite Support Renewal is for existing users of Elite Support who would like to renew the service for another year.



Manufacturer Part Number: 0541-39304-14

Benefits of Elite Support:

  • 24/7 availability
  • Unlimited Web Support for up to 1-hour sessions
  • Highest Priority Critical Phone Support Channel
  • Advance Exchange: next-day ship from depot (in select regions; where applicable)
  • Access to Support Forums
  • Code Blue Escalation
  • On-Site Support for an additional fee in certain areas

Peace of mind
Our mission is to ensure you maintain the highest standard of operational effectiveness with timely, informed responses to everything from questions about product patches and upgrades to configuration and compatibility tips. Avid Advantage is here to help you:

  • Improve your ability to generate new revenue with new functionality
  • Deploy new features at a predictable expense
  • Reduce downtime with software maintenance releases and faster issue resolution
  • Improve your efficiency with industry best practices and known solutions
  • Reach the next level of reliability so you avoid unnecessary downtime and mission critical failures

If you do encounter unanticipated circumstances, whether its sudden downtime or a glitch in your workflow, were here to help you triage, resolve issues and manage your complex systems and unique workflows as efficiently as possible.

Why Avid Advantage?
The number one reason for a support contract with Avid is the caliber of the people who answer your questions. We have a global team of more than 300 industry experts with decades of experience backed by the combined depth and breadth of Avid engineering and professional services teams. Our skilled and passionate professionals have an unparalleled blend of technology expertise and real-world experience throughout the audio, visual, and entertainment industries.

A worldwide organization employing a 24x7 follow-the-sun model, Avid Advantage offers the most responsive, agile support capabilities available in the industry.

Your success is our success
We know you have a lot on the line, whether its your revenue, reputation, or productivity. Were here with the experience, expertise, and understanding of industry best
practices to help you protect it, no matter what. As a trusted partner, Avid Advantage is committed to helping you be successful with:

  • The help and advice you need, when you need it
  • An unrivalled blend of real-world media industry experience and expertise
  • Multi-tiered offerings and upgrade options

Plan Features
Choose the level of service you need to meet your requirements, complement your inhouse IT capabilities and optimize your support budget allocation. Avid offers around the clock technical assistance, Code Blue response to mission critical issues, priority phone queuing, and plans that accommodate organizations of all sizes and requirements.

Code Blue
Code Blue escalations are called when you are in a mission critical situation and we need to invoke an all hands on deck' response.

Advance Exchange
If you have a hardware failure, Advance Exchange coverage entitles you to have a replacement part shipped in advance of Avid receiving the faulty part. During your warranty period your level of service is upgraded from Return-to-Factory and when your warranty expires you still have hardware replacement coverage. Advance Exchange coverage charges vary by product.

Customer Champion
Once your account has reached a certain size, Avid will assign a Champion to ensure you receive the epitome of personalized service. Whether you are planning a system upgrade or an ambitious facility expansion, your Champion will work to proactively anticipate potential obstacles and serve as your point of contact throughout the life of your contract.

Avid System Monitor
Avid System Monitor gives customers operational insight to the status of their infrastructure, identifying anomalies and preventing outages. Providing an enterprise wide OpenNMS-based monitoring and reporting console for Interplay and ISIS infrastructures, Avid System Monitor complements existing product level monitoring and
diagnostic tools by providing the following benefits:

  • Reduces problem resolution time by eliminating basic troubleshooting steps
  • Sends proactive alarms regarding significant events by email
  • Reports system performance and availability statistics over time
  • Provides high level status of overall core system resources

Unprecedented Visibility
With Avid System Monitor you gain unprecedented visibility into your entire infrastructure through a single GUI that includes a surveillance dashboard and flexible reporting tools. Avid System Monitor uses SNMP, IP and HTTP to enable its real-time monitoring, event notifications and alarms driven by configurable thresholds. Avid System Monitor is also tightly integrated with the Interplay Health Monitor to provide the most comprehensive overview of your system.

Monitoring Capabilities
Avid System Monitor is recommended for all Avid customers. It will monitor a wide array of Avid software and hardware as well as third party switches and operating systems. Avid continuously enhances the capabilities and products available to be monitored. Currently

Avid System Monitor works with:

  • ISIS 5000 and ISIS 7000
  • Interplay PAM (specific servers: DB Engines, Streaming Server, Media Indexer, Lookup and Capture)
  • AirSpeed Multistream
  • LAN switches (Cisco, Brocade, Force10, etc.)
  • Windows O/S level monitoring of server resources (CPU, memory, local storage)

Avid System Monitor requires a dedicated server and a professional services engagement for proper installation and configuration. Avid plans to provide a limited remote installation offering that will allow a customer to monitor core functionality without an onsite visit from professional services.

Health Checks
Health Checks provide a comprehensive audit of your system, resulting in a series of recommendations regarding system operation intended to improve overall performance and reduce potential downtime. Performing a Heath Check is like getting a physical from your doctor. Nothing may be wrong, but your doctor is able to review your medical history, perform tests, analyze your current condition, and make recommendations for improved health and happiness.

Complete Management
An Avid Advantage professional will manage the entire Heath Check process, from requirements gathering, data collection, and analysis, to the report-out of the specific recommendations for your environment.

Effectiveness Assurance
The goal of a Heath Check is to ensure your system is running as effectively as possible and help you to avoid potential downtime. Heath Checks will identify everything from the need to apply recommended system patches to memory failure, data replication issues, timeouts, disconnects and time synchronization issues across workgroup components.'

Heath Checks may be purchased by any Avid Advantage customer who has a baseline workflow consisting of an Avid editor, Avid shared storage, and Avid Media Asset Management system. Elite customers who meet the minimum spend thresholds are eligible for complimentary system Heath Checks and may purchase additional Heath Checks at a 40% discount. Where remote access is not possible, Avid will deliver onsite Heath Checks for an additional fee in regions where available. Heath Checks may not be spread across multiple sites or workgroups.


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