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Midi VT 2.3 for Video Toaster [VT]

Our PN: YOUN0290010
Manufacturer: Young Monkey
Platform(s): Win

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Product Type: Electronic Download
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List Price:$150.00

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Quick Overview

MIDI-VT provides real-time MIDI In and Out support for the VT. This opens up exciting possibilities for live performance artists, VJs, and theatre technicians.



A MIDI control surface, or other device that supports assignable MIDI messages, connected to a MIDI-In on the computer can control modules in real-time with visual feedback thru the module's user interface (if open).

MIDI-Out support means that you can synchronize control of MIDI lighting systems and other external MIDI devices, within a video project. This is implemented through a standard VT-Edit Utility, allowing keyframing of parameters for precisely controlled fades and other changes.

The MIDI activity/error LEDs make it easy to monitor incoming and outgoing messages, as well as errors.

Note that MIDI-VT does NOT make use of potentially unreliable keyboard shortcut simulation to control modules. It directly controls the modules to ensure complete reliability.

VT modules currently controllable include:

  • Audio Mixer: 113 functions supported
  • Switcher: 82 functions supported
  • DDR (#1-4): 5 functions supported
  • VT-Edit: 5 functions supported


  • Real-time control of VT modules via MIDI
  • Real-time control of external MIDI devices
  • VT Modules supported: Audio Mixer, Switcher, DDR (VCR), VT-Edit (Edit Deck)
  • Visual feedback within the module's user interface
  • Supports all standard Computer-MIDI interfaces
  • MIDI-In Channels: 1-16
  • MIDI-Out Channels: 1-16
  • Added Module: Keyer
  • Added Module: VT-Stream
  • Added: VT-Edit: and DDR: File Open
  • Added: Switcher: TBar: Speed
  • Added: Switcher: DSK Source
  • Added: DDR: Next/Previous Clip
  • Moved: VT-Ed: Shuttle : from Control Change 123 to 114 to avoid conflict with 'All Notes Off'
  • Fixed: Switcher: TBar : Auto -> now uses the current Speed
  • Fixed: Now filters DDR/VT-Edit commands destined to a module that isn't opened

What's New in 2.3

  • Added: Auto Start: automatically opens the plugin on startup of VT
  • Added: In/Out Enable are now restored from last session
  • Added: SpeedEDIT: Shuttle, Stop, Pause, Play, Loop, File:Open
  • Added: LiveStream On/Off
  • Fixed: Keyer: Mode: Linear White/Black reversed
  • Fixed: Keyer: Mode: Luma White/Black reversed
  • Fixed: DSK Take

User Interface

Control Tree


  • Software: VT (4/5)
  • OS: Windows
  • Hardware: Computer-MIDI interface, a programmable MIDI control surface or MIDI controllable device.


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