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MochaBlend for Cinema 4D

MochaBlend for Cinema 4D

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Mfr PN: 3P-MB-C4D
Our PN: MBLN0280001
Manufacturer: Good Spirit Graphics
Platform(s): Mac & Win

Product Type: Electronic Download
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List Price:$250.00

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Quick Overview

Bridging the gap between 2D and 3D



Manufacturer Part Number: 3P-MB-C4D

MochaBlend C4D is the exciting new plug-in for Maxon Cinema 4D that converts mochas 2D planar tracking into 3D motion. This new tool delivers innovative new ways for 3D artists to work with tracking and roto data.

Mocha Blend C4D Product Features:

  • Single Plane Solver: Solve camera and objects, perspective tracks and non-perspective tracks.
  • MochaBlend C4D converts roto-splines from mocha into animated geometry, with depth, that can interact with both physics, and simulations inside 3D animation programs.
  • MochaBlend C4D imports mochas camera-solve data, more easily, and with more options.
  • AE Exporter: Includes MochaBlend Exporter for Adobe After Effects. Export animated masks from AE to C4D!

MochaBlend C4D is a plug-in that runs inside Maxon Cinema 4D and gives users the ability to import mochas 2D planar tracking data and roto-splines into a 3D solved workspace. This exciting new workflow can give amazingly quick results with a unique Single Plane Solver that takes the complexity out of traditional 3D camera tracking and match moving.

According to Good Spirit founder, Chris Barrett, the Imaginer team was quite responsive to supporting his efforts on this new workflow, I approached Imagineer CEO John-Paul Smith at SIGGRAPH a few years ago to discuss my ideas. I was fascinated by the possibility of creating new ways to convert 2D tracks from mocha into 3D motion inside applications like C4D. MochaBlend wouldnt exist without the encouragement I received from the Imagineer team.'

The MochaBlend C4D plug-in was recently awarded Best in Class' by 3D World Magazine. Reviewer Mike Griggs said, MochaBlend is potentially game-changing, the plug-in offers a way to create objects which would otherwise take weeks' and C4D motion graphics and particle systems can be added to a tracked null with a only couple of clicks.'


  • MochaBlend supports C4D versions R14 and above.
  • MochaBlend supports Adobe bundled mocha AE for 2D track import, but requires either mocha Pro or mocha Plus v 4.1 for mochas mask support and 3D Camera Solve support.


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