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Nectar 2 Production Suite (Academic)

Nectar 2 Production Suite (Academic)

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Mfr PN: 90-N2PS
Our PN: IZON0250038
Manufacturer: iZotope
Platform(s): Mac & Win

Product Type: Electronic Download
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List Price:$150.00

You Save: $14.05 (9%)


This product is discounted for academic sale and may have special licensing and purchasing requirements.

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Quick Overview

Flawless vocal production is just a click away. From quick corrections to limitless creativity, Nectar 2 treats your voice to sweet results.



Manufacturer Part Number: 90-N2PS

Treat Your Voice
Flawless vocal production is just a click away. From quick corrections to limitless creativity, Nectar 2 treats your voice to sweet results.


  • Get 11 vocal tools in one integrated plug-in, include real-time and offline pitch correction with a manual note editor, breath control, gate, compression, saturation, EQ, de-esser, doubler, limiter, reverb, and delay.
  • Rapidly audition different vocal sounds with professionally-designed Style presets.
  • Finesse your sound with surgical detail using powerful advanced controls.
  • Improve vocal production at all stages, from tracking through mixing.

Nectar delivers a complete set of 11 professional vocal tools and effects, including real-time and offline pitch correction, parallel compressors, breath control, a doubler, reverb, and much more. Optimized for use during both tracking and mixing, Nectar features a streamlined overview pane for swift adjustments to popular controls. And if you love getting under the hood, Nectar also offers advanced settings that let you finesse your sound with surgical detail.

Creative control. Sweet results.
Transform vocals or subtly enhance them with Nectar's extensive suite of creative vocal tools, both when mixing recorded vocals or when tracking your favorite vocal artist.

  • Add warmth and grit to your vocal with five Saturation models including Analog, Retro, Tape, Tube and Warm. A unique graphical display and simple roll-off EQ make it easy to further sculpt your sound.
  • Easily thicken your vocal tracks by adding up to four additional pitched and panned voices with the Doubler.
  • Dial a slapback echo into the Delay module to instantly magnify your vocals and achieve a classic rock sound.
  • Instantly capture the Motown vocal flavor with two analog-modeled Compressors that can be run in parallel.
  • Smooth out your vocal tracks and help them sit well in the mix with a Reverb specifically designed for vocals.
  • Add loudness while mixing with the Limiter, or engage it while tracking to catch any rogue audio clipping.

Nobody's perfect. Let Nectar fix it.
Even the biggest superstars might need a little help here and there. Bring out the best in any vocal performance with Nectar's corrective tools.

  • As a first step to vocal enhancement, add tonal clarity and presence with Nectar's transparent EQ.
  • Reduce unwanted or exaggerated 'ess' sounds from your vocals with the intuitive De-Esser, primed for smooth results thanks to extensive hardware modeling.
  • Clean up vocal takes with the Gate to simply silence room tone or other unwanted noise.
  • Get breathtaking results! Automatically remove unwanted breaths from recordings with the Breath Control module, featuring intelligent detection that saves you from time-consuming editing.
  • Correct errant notes in your vocals automatically with real-time Automatic Pitch Correction, or easily create the robotic pitch effect made popular by Cher, T-Pain and Kanye West.

Get under the hood. Get Advanced.
Nectar's most frequently accessed controls are readily available in the Main view, but there's so much more to Nectar than first meets the eye.

  • Click the Advanced View button to uncover powerful settings and controls for each of the 11 vocal tools.
  • Operate Nectar in Tracking mode for low latency performance that's perfect for live recording, or switch over to Mixing mode for higher-quality processing and lookahead calculations to optimize your results.
  • Fix just one out of tune note with Manual Pitch Correction, or manually tune your entire vocal track with deep control and flexible graphical editing.
  • With the custom signal flow, re-route Nectar's modules to quickly customize your vocal chain and get the precise sound you're looking for.

Three simple steps. One perfect vocal.
Getting started with Nectar is as easy as 1, 2, 3. (And you just might be done at 1!)

  • Pick your Genre and Style: Nectar comes with dozens of built-in Styles that set up the plug-in's Main View and the underlying effect chain. Configure 11 modules with just one click for immediate results.
  • Adjust in the Main View: Each Style has unique producer-level controls that let you quickly adjust settings like Presence, Drive and Grit. Experiment to personalize your sound, then tackle the Levels and Space. If needed, clean up the vocal with the De-Esser, Breath Control, Gate and Pitch Correction.
  • Drill down into the Advanced View: Seasoned professionals expect the ability to tweak the nitty-gritty details, and Nectar's Advanced View is a tweaker's delight. If you're just getting started with vocal production, look to the Advanced View as an educational resource. Study the settings in your favorite Styles to understand what defines different genres from the 40s to today. You'll be inventing your own Style in no time


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