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OnTheAir Node 3 - EASController Option Free Shipping!

Mfr PN: 3IB53
Our PN: TRNN0330038
Manufacturer: Softron Media Services
Platform(s): Mac

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Quick Overview

EAS is the Emergency Alarm System that is mandatory for all TV stations broadcasting in the USA. EASController is a software that enables the integration of your EAS System with OnTheAir Node and OnTheAir CG to display and hear the messages broadcasted byt the EAS system.



Manufacturer Part Number: 3IB53

The way EASController works is that when the EAS system encoder receives an alert it triggers an RS-232 communication to EASController via a Keyspan Serial Adapter. The alert itself is composed of a text message and optionally an audio message.

When EASController receives the message, it mutes the audio playout out from the Node or Nodes and sets them to audio pass-through mode. It simultaneously generates a text file with a decoded message that it places into an OnTheAir CG ticker folder. This in turn triggers OnTheAir CG to display the ticker with the EAS message, overlaying the message onto the video that is played out out from OnTheAir Node.

When the encoder has finished playing the audio message, it sends an 'EOM' (end of message) RS232 message to Softron's EASController. When EASController receives this EOM message, it un-mutes the Nodes and cancels the pass-through mode. It then removes the text file from the CG ticker folder, so the ticker will stop outputting the EAS message.

Then, if nothing is received again after the length of time that is set in the EASControllers preferences, the Node or Nodes will automatically be un-muted and the ticker file deleted. Every operation and message are logged in the log files and on-screen.

Main features

  • Mutes and passthrough of the audio warning when a warning message is aired
  • Generates a text file with the warning to be overlaid
  • Supports High and Low priority alerts
  • Automatically start when the computer starts
  • Support TFT-911 and Sage ENDEC systems
  • Generate a history log with all warnings


  • Requires OnTheAir Node (for the playout) and OnTheAir CG (for the graphics)


  • Mac OS Mac OS X 10.6.8 or later
  • RAM 2 GB
  • Playout Software requirements Works only with OnTheAir Node - any video card (AJA, Blackmagic-Design, Matrox) can be used
  • Graphics Software requirements OnTheAir CG required to overlay the ticker with the warning.
  • Other Graphic software can be supported provided it can overlay graphics when a text file is present in a folder.
  • Audio requirements An additional audio input is required (to route the audio to the output)
  • EAS Encoder supported TFT-911, Sage Digital ENDEC
  • Other hardware requirements An RS232 to USB converter (only for the TFT-911
  • MacPro type Any
  • iMac type Any
  • MacBook Pro type Any
  • MacBook Air type Any
  • MacMini type Any


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