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PowerUP 11: Something Very, Very Close to Magic

Mfr PN: LJ-11
Our PN: CVCN3010163
Manufacturer: Class on Demand
Platform(s): Mac & Win

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Quick Overview

Arthur C. Clarke once wrote: "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." And that is what we are talking about today.



Manufacturer Part Number: LJ-11

In this Final Cut tutorial, Larry Jordan shows you how to use hot, new third-party software to solve problems, find missing files, get you better organized, make your actors look beautiful, your transitions eye-popping, your effects killer, even create an edit from a written transcript without typing a word! Many of these plug-ins truly are something very close to magic!

NOTE: Most of this software requires Final Cut Pro 6 or later. Some only run on OS X 10.6. None of this software ships with Final Cut Studio - everything is available separately. All software was selected by Larry Jordan, no company paid to appear in this program

Audience Level
This session is helpful to any Final Cut Pro editor looking to solve problems or create an effect that can't be accomplished using the tools found inside Final Cut Pro itself. Products from ten different companies are showcased in this session.

Products and companies illustrated in this webinar:

  • Get -- AV3 Software
  • Loader v2 -- Digital Heaven
  • 3D Transformations -- NewBlueFX
  • Fusion Factory HD -- GeeThree Software
  • Boris Continuum Complete 7 -- Boris FX
  • PluralEyes v1.2 -- Singular Software
  • Premiere Pro -- Adobe Systems
  • prEdit -- Intelligent Assistance
  • Stabilizer -- NewBlueFX
  • Beauty Box -- Digital Anarchy
  • Look Sweet -- Sheffield Softworks
  • Video Essentials -- NewBlueFX
  • SlickFX Essentials -- GeeThree Software

Content Outline

  • Get: Find audio content in media files using text searches without using a transcript
  • Loader: Automate loading files and copy them to your projects folder
  • Loader: Convert compressed audio automatically to formats supported by Final Cut Pro
  • 3D Transformations: Create eye-catching 3D transitions
  • Fusion Factory: Create soft-edged gradient-wipe transitions
  • Boris Continuum: Create transitions with glows and surreal effects
  • PluralEyes: Create multiclips based on syncing audio files when no In or Out exists
  • PluralEyes: Sync clips into multi-track timeline when clips have breaks in timecode and incomplete audio tracks
  • Premiere Pro: Create text transcripts automatically using Adobe Premiere Pro
  • prEdit: Review, edit, and storyboard clips based on transcripts to build an edited sequence for importing into Final Cut Pro, or Premiere, or Excel
  • Stabilizer: Stabilize a shaky image 13 times faster than SmoothCam with an easy-to-use interface
  • BCC Stabilize: Stabilize a shaky image 11 times faster than SmoothCam, with a highly-customizable interface.
  • Beauty Box: Smooth skin and make your talent look radient.
  • Look Sweet: Bring out highlight and shadow detail, and add glow to skin.
  • Flash Remover: Remove still camera flashes from your video.
  • BCC Motion Key: Remove moving objects, like a car, from your video.
  • Video Essentials: Create dreamy effects with simple interfaces
  • Slick FX Essentials: Create your own pop-up videos
  • Boris Continuum: Create moving 3D text, photo-realistic backgrounds, and killer lighting.

Total Run Time: 01:01:08


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