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PowerUP 13: An Overview of Stereoscopic 3D in Final Cut Pro

Mfr PN: LJ-13
Our PN: CVCN3010165
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Platform(s): Mac & Win

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Quick Overview

We can make money creating 3D video. With distribution expanding from theatrical films to cable and satellite channels and now to YouTube, there is a growing demand for stereoscopic 3D video content. This tutorial by Larry Jordan explains what you need to know to take advantage of this new technology. Best of all, you can get started for less than $100!



Manufacturer Part Number: LJ-13

In many ways, stereoscopic 3D video is as easy to understand as rolling focus; as simple, yet complex, as lighting. Simply put, stereoscopic 3D video combines two video streams into a single image that provides a realistic illusion of depth. In this session, we'll define and illustrate key terms, show you how to create 3D images, explain how to quickly convert a 3D project into 2D, highlight key production techniques, and show you how to setup, adjust, and view 3D video in Final Cut Pro using 3rd-party plug-ins.

NOTE: You do not need 3D anaglyph glasses to view this presentation, though if you have them, you'll see results in 3D. 3D video in Final Cut Pro requires additional plug-in software, which is sold separately. You do not need this software to view this presentation. The software portion of this webinar demonstrates how to use the Dashwood Studios Stereo 3D Toolbox software.

Audience Level
This session is helpful to any Final Cut Pro editor looking to understand the new challenges of stereoscopic 3D video. At the end of this presentation you will know enough to begin working on your own 3D projects.

Content Outline

  • Thoughts on potential markets for 3D video
  • Explain what Stereoscopic 3D is
  • Show how 3D images are created
  • Define key industry terms
  • Explain why the distance between camera lenses is so important
  • Illustrate convergence and why you adjust it
  • Illustrate how 3D is displayed on different monitors
  • Illustrate different ways of viewing 3D video
  • Highlight key production techniques for 3D video
  • Explain the 1/30 Rule and why it is so important
  • Show how to convert 3D to 2D video
  • Present key plug-ins that allow you to edit 3D video
  • Summarize the hardware you may need in post
  • Provide a consistent workflow for editing 3D
  • Show how to setup and align 3D video clips inside Final Cut Pro
  • Explain how editors can use this new technology to make money
  • Demo: Show how to setup 3D clips in the Timeline
  • Demo: Show how to apply the Dashwood Stereo 3D plug-ins
  • Demo: Show how to create a merged 3D video clip
  • Demo: Show how and why to create subclips of each eye for each shot
  • Demo: Show how to align the video for the left and right eye
  • Demo: Show how to adjust convergence between left and right eyes
  • Demo: Show how to adjust output for 3D to file or tape

Total Run Time: 00:55:36


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