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PowerUP 16: Automate Video Compression for the Web

Mfr PN: LJ-16
Our PN: CVCN3010169
Manufacturer: Class on Demand
Platform(s): Mac & Win

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Quick Overview

Since Larry Jordan published his first webinar showing how to use Apple's Compressor to compress video for the web and DVD -- Webinar #5: Video Compression for the Web and DVD hes had lots of requests for a webinar that presents the advanced features of Compressor.



Manufacturer Part Number: LJ-16

So, this webinar is designed for folks that want to compress their media faster using the automation tools built into Compressor. If your deadlines are shrinking, clients are demanding higher quality with lower budgets, and you need to get work done faster, this tutorial is for you.

Audience Level
This tutorial will be most helpful to editors that have a basic knowledge of Apple's Compressor; or have viewed Webinar #5. These techniques focus principally on Compressor v3.5, which ships as part of Apple Final Cut Studio (3).

Content Outline

  • Overview of Compressor's automation features
  • Pick the best export option from Final Cut Pro
  • How Batch Templates handle multiple versions of files
  • Illustrate Job Actions and how they work
  • Show how to integrate Automator with Compressor
  • Show how droplets provide very fast automation
  • Explain differences between droplets and batches
  • Show how job chaining reduces processing time
  • Show how computer and processor clusters improve speed
  • Illustrate use of the open-source x.264 codec
  • Demo: Creating custom destinations
  • Demo: Configure Compressor preferences
  • Demo: Create, modify, reuse, and save Batch Templates
  • Demo: Access and apply Job Actions
  • Demo: Access and apply Setting Actions
  • Demo: Apply filter to burn in timecode
  • Demo: Apply filter for still image watermark
  • Demo: Apply filter for animated watermark
  • Demo: Apply filter to boost chroma
  • Demo: Apply filter adjust mid-tone gamma
  • Demo: Create and modify a droplet
  • Demo: Reduce processing time using Job Chaining
  • Demo: Create a processor cluster
  • Demo: Compress using X.264 open-source codec

Total Run Time: 01:03:30


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