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PowerUP 17: Edit and Trim Faster in Final Cut Pro

Mfr PN: LJ-17
Our PN: CVCN3010166
Manufacturer: Class on Demand
Platform(s): Mac & Win

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Quick Overview

This Final Cut tutorial is part of Larry Jordans Fundamentals of Final Cut Pro series. Many of us taught ourselves how to edit in Final Cut Pro. The problem is, if you are like most of my students, you taught yourself some REALLY slow techniques. Wouldn't it be great if you could edit faster? Trim faster? And rediscover those two things you really miss: sleep and a social life!!



Manufacturer Part Number: LJ-17

This Final Cut tutorial shows you specific techniques that you can put to work immediately to make your editing FLY! You'll save so much time, you can stop looking at those pictures stuck on the wall and rediscover what the actual faces of your family look like!

This Final Cut tutorial covers the basics of editing in Final Cut Pro. Long-time users may learn something, new and self-taught users absolutely will learn ways to work faster and easier.

Audience Level
This tutorial will be most helpful to editors that have a basic knowledge of Final Cut Pro.

Content Outline
This tutorial is almost all hands-on working with Final Cut Pro. Show how to create, name, and organize sequences in the Browser.

  • Show different ways to load clips from the Browser into the Viewer.
  • Show multiple ways to mark clips, that is, add Ins and Outs.
  • Explain the difference between Overwrite and Insert editing.
  • Show five different ways to overwrite edit clips into the Timeline.
  • Show five different ways to insert edit clips into the Timeline.
  • Show how to edit clips from the Out.
  • Show how to replace a clip.
  • Show how to replace a range of clips.
  • Show almost a dozen ways to trim clips.
  • Show how to use the Trim Edit window.
  • Show how to trim clips in real-time.
  • Show how to trim audio and video separately without unlinking clips.
  • Show how to avoid conflicts with keyboard shortcuts between Mac OS X and Final Cut Pro.
  • Showcase keyboard shortcuts for creating sequences.
  • Showcase keyboard shortcuts for marking clips.
  • Showcase keyboard shortcuts for editing clips.
  • Showcase keyboard shortcuts for trimming clips.

Total Run Time: 01:05:02


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