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PowerUP 18: Master Motion - Even If Motion Graphics Scare You

Mfr PN: LJ-18
Our PN: CVCN3010168
Manufacturer: Class on Demand
Platform(s): Mac & Win

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Quick Overview

Motion scares a lot of us. If your face goes pale and skin turns clammy when someone asks you to "add a few motion graphics to spice this up" -- then this is the tutorial for you! Larry Jordan's goal for this session is to remove the fear of using something new, show you how to use Motion, and give you concrete examples you can use to put Motion to work in your own projects.



Manufacturer Part Number: LJ-18

Don't avoid Motion just because you don't understand it. In this training, you'll master the Motion interface, discover the power of Motion templates, create simple, yet effective, animated lower-thirds, and design elegant full-screen animated titles using resources from the Motion Library. This session can remove your fear of Motion forever -- and give you a reason to finally let go of LiveType.

Audience Level
This session provides an introduction to all versions of Motion. It does not assume any level of knowledge about Motion, though a basic knowledge of Final Cut Pro will help. This session requires no drawing or graphic design skills.

NOTE: This session does not discuss particles, replicators, or 3D space in Motion.

Content Outline

  • Learn how to send files between Final Cut Pro and Motion
  • Discover when to use 'Send to' and 'Open in Editor'
  • Learn the Motion interface
  • Learn essential Motion keyboard shortcuts
  • Discover how and why to set Project Properties
  • Learn how to create a default project setting
  • Show how to view and modify a Motion template
  • Learn how to create your own Motion templates to use in Final Cut Pro
  • Show how to create a lower-third animated title
  • Learn how to import a video clip
  • Show how to use elements from the Motion library
  • Show how to create a full-screen info graphic
  • Show to how make an animated element stop where you want it
  • DEMO: How to add and modify graphic elements
  • DEMO: How to colorize an object
  • DEMO: How to add and modify text
  • DEMO: How to animate text
  • DEMO: How to add background elements
  • DEMO: How to adjust and time when elements appear
  • DEMO: How to use filters to change the look of an element
  • DEMO: How to use behaviors to animate elements
  • DEMO: How to adjust effects to speed, or slow down, an effect
  • DEMO: How to use blend modes
  • DEMO: How to add video to a project

Total Run Time: 01:07:03


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