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PowerUP 21: Discover the Power of 3D in Motion

Mfr PN: LJ-21
Our PN: CVCN3010174
Manufacturer: Class on Demand
Platform(s): Mac & Win

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Quick Overview

Building on our introduction to Motion in "Master Motion," in this session we look at one of the really exciting new power features in Motion (starting with Motion 3) -- the ability to move in 3D space. And we discover that one of the really terrifying new features in Motion is the ability to get truly, totally, hopelessly lost in 3D space. This webinar is designed to introduce you to the first, while preventing the second.



Manufacturer Part Number: LJ-21

This session is for people who have never worked in 3D before. This will take you step-by-step into a brand new world. You'll learn how to animate shapes and text in 3D, and add and animate a camera, add and adjust 3D lighting and reflections. Best of all, no special design skills are required to be successful with this lesson.

Audience Level:
You should have Final Cut Studio 2, or later, installed on your system. You should have some familiarity with Motion, or view the 'Master Motion' webinar. This session illustrates the 3D features found in both Motion 3 and Motion 4.

Other Motion Trilogy Titles:
Master Motion: Even if Motion Graphics Scare You
Advanced Motion: Creating a DVD Motion Menu

Content Outline:
Explain how Motion displays 3D space
Show how to switch between 2D and 3D
Show a simple way to create a 3D look
Show how to animate 3D movement using behaviors
Explain the different ways behaviors use 3D space
Show how to add, and animate, text
Show how to add, and animate, a camera
Explain the differences between a framing and viewpoint camera
Show how to add, place, and manipulate particles
Explain the relationship between text and particles
Show how to add, and modify, a light
Show how to add, and modify, a reflection
Provide essential keyboard shortcuts to rescue you if you get lost in 3D space
DEMO: Show how to create a '3D look' without even going into 3D
DEMO: Show how to switch a layer group between 2D and 3D
DEMO: Show how to animate a shape in 3D
DEMO: Show how to modify a behavior for 3D movement
DEMO: Show how to add and animate text so that it moves through depth
DEMO: Explain how different Basic Motion behaviors work with depth
DEMO: Show how to add a camera
DEMO: Show how to change the position of a camera
DEMO: Show how to animate a camera using dolly and sweep behaviors
DEMO: Show how to switch between views in 3D space
DEMO: Add a particle system from the Motion library
DEMO: Show how, and why, to position particles in 3D
DEMO: Show how to apply text blend modes when using particles
DEMO: Show how to add, modify, and reposition a light
DEMO: Show how to add a reflection

Larry Jordan
In todays world, time and timing are everything.

Deadlines get tighter, budgets lower, client expectations higher, and technology moves on. Its a recipe for disaster, unless you can find a fast, yet in-depth way to keep your skills sharp.

Thats where Larry Jordan can help.

Larry Jordan is the most highly sought after Apple-Certified Final Cut trainer in the world. With over 30 years experience as a television producer, director and editor with national broadcast and corporate credits, Jordans informative and entertaining teaching style provides video editors around the world with unique techniques, methods and resources to increase productivity and enhance their skills. Hes been there he knows the pressure you are under.

Jordan reveals the hidden tips and tricks you never hear about, and may never find on your own. His presentation style is well organized, succinct and practical. Jordans training can save you time, save you money, save your client, and save your sanity, during production and post-production.

Jordan, based in Los Angeles, writes and edits the monthly free Larry Jordan Final Cut Studio Newsletter, with essential information on Final Cut Studio. He is the author of hundreds of hours of online training and five books on Final Cut Studio. He also hosts the weekly interactive internet radio show and podcast, Digital Production BuZZ (

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