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PowerUP 23: Make Multiclip Magic in Final Cut Pro

Mfr PN: LJ-23
Our PN: CVCN3010176
Manufacturer: Class on Demand
Platform(s): Mac & Win

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Quick Overview

Multiclips give us the ability to edit multiple cameras at the same time within Apple Final Cut Pro. This new technique is especially useful for creating performance videos, reality shows, action sequences, even sitcoms.



Manufacturer Part Number: LJ-23

The key to a successful multi-cam project starts with good planning. So, this session is in two parts: Part 1 covers what you need to think about during pre-production, pre-edting, and editorial to avoid problems and simplify your work.

Then, in Part 2, we'll shift gears and dive into Final Cut Pro and show you how to build, modify, and edit multiclips. Whether you are new to multiclips or an experienced hand, you'll discover lots of new techniques to simplify, speed, or supercharge your work!

Audience Level
Multiclips require Final Cut Pro 5 or later. To make the most of this session, you should have a basic understanding of how to edit inside Final Cut Pro. Knowledge of multiclips is not required, as this training will take you from a standing start to become an expert.

Content Outline
Define multiclips
Define multiclip specifications in Final Cut Pro
Present pre-production issues relevant to editng multiclips
Discuss the important of timecode and sync
Provide an option if timecode breaks prevent creating multiclips
Discuss hardware issues relevant to multiclip editing
Present a table of hard drive storage speeds necessary for multiclip editing
Present a step-by-step 'cookbook' to successfully create a multiclip
Show how to successfully create a multiclip in less than one minute
DEMO: How to create a multiclip
DEMO: How to add an angle to a multiclip
DEMO: How to change the order of angles
DEMO: How to delete an angle
DEMO: How to edit a multiclip in the Viewer
DEMO: How to edit a multiclip using keyboard shortcuts
DEMO: Show how to add effects either before or after creating a multiclip
DEMO: How to trim multiclip angles in the Timeline
DEMO: How to resync a multiclip shot
DEMO: How to find the Master clip for a multiclip shot in the Timeline
DEMO: How to find all related angles once a clip is edited to the Timeline
DEMO: How and why to collapse a multiclip
DEMO: How to uncollapse a multiclip


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