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PowerUP 28: Final Cut Pro Workflow and Media Management

Mfr PN: LJ-28
Our PN: CVCN3010180
Manufacturer: Class on Demand
Platform(s): Mac & Win

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Quick Overview

This is another in Larry Jordans Fundamentals of Final Cut Pro Series. Designed as an introduction to file management and workflow in Final Cut Pro, this session starts with an 11-step "What Should I Be Doing Right Now?" workflow to help you decide how to complete your project most efficiently. Then this showcases many of the file handling, optimizing, managing, and querying features of the program. See the Content Outline, below, for a complete list.



Manufacturer Part Number: LJ-28

Audience Level
You should have a basic knowledge of Final Cut Pro. Most, but not all, of these techniques apply to both Final Cut version 6 and 7. This tutorial will be especially helpful if you consistently have trouble getting projects done on time, have a hard time getting organized, or want to better understand how Final Cut handles media.

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Content Outline
A personal story to explain why working efficiently is so important.
An 11-step editing workflow that answers the question: 'What Should I Be Doing, Right Now?'
Explain Scratch Disks for both tape, and tapeless, media
Name, organize, and sort files in the Browser
Label clips and bins
Find files in the Browser, Timeline, and Finder
Manage project files
Back up the Favorite Effects folder
Display and change project, clip, and sequence attributes
Manage render files
DEMO: Set Scratch Disk folders for tape projects
DEMO: Set Scratch Disk folders for tapeless projects
DEMO: Create and name new sequences
DEMO: Create, name, move, and delete Bins
DEMO: Sort and rearrange Browser columns
DEMO: Assign and modify Clip, Bin, and Sequence labels
DEMO: Find files in the Browser and Timeline
DEMO: FindiMatch Frames
DEMO: Find all unused clips in a sequence
DEMO: Find and rename clips in the Finder from Final Cut Pro
DEMO: Find related clips and transitions in the Timeline
DEMO: When and why to use File > Save As.
DEMO: When and how to use File > Revert Project
DEMO: When and how to use File > Restore Project
DEMO: Move an FCP project to an earlier version of FCP
DEMO: Back-up and restore the Favorites folder
DEMO: Save filter effects
DEMO: Display and modify Sequence, Project, and Clip Attributes
DEMO: Manage render files


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