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NVIDIA Tesla K20 - Active

Accelerate your scientific and technical computing with NVIDIA® Tesla® K20 GPU Accelerators. Now developers and researchers can enjoy faster performance and more accessibility with the latest generation of Tesla K20 GPUs based on NVIDIA Kepler™, the world's fastest and most efficient high performance computing architecture. Try the NVIDIA® Tesla K20 GPU accelerators and speed up your application by up to 10X.

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NVIDIA Tesla K20 - Active

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Manufacturer Part Number: 900-22081-2220-000


High Performance Computing - Supercomputing with NVIDIA Tesla GPUs

Based on the Kepler compute architecture, which is 3 times higher performance per watt than the previous “Fermi" compute architecture, the Tesla Kepler GPU Computing Accelerators make hybrid computing dramatically easier, and applicable to a broader set of computing applications. NVIDIA Tesla GPUs deliver the best performance and power efficiency for seismic processing, biochemistry simulations, weather and climate modeling, image, video and signal processing, computational finance, computational physics, CAE, CFD, and data analytics.
Get 3x the performance with the NVIDIA® Kepler, the world’s fastest and most efficient high performance computing (HPC) architecture. With innovative computing technology and features, it is applicable to a broader range of scientific computing applications and makes hybrid computing more accessible for application developers and researchers.
Kepler’s break-through performance is made possible by:
Delivers more processing performance and efficiency through this new, innovative streaming multiprocessor design that allows a greater percentage of space to be applied to processing cores versus control logic
Dynamic Parallelism
Simplifies GPU programming by allowing programmers to easily accelerate all parallel nested loops – resulting in a GPU dynamically spawning new threads on its own without going back to the CPU
Slashes CPU idle time by allowing multiple CPU cores to simultaneously utilize a single Kepler GPU, dramatically advancing programmability and efficiency


  • Part Number 900-22081-2220-000
  • Number of GPUs 1 x GK110
  • Memory size (GDDR5) 5 GB
  • CUDA cores 2496
  • Peak double precision floating point performance 1.17 Tflops
  • Peak single precision floating point performance 3.52 Tflops
  • Memory bandwidth (ECC off) 208 GB/sec
  • GPU Computing Applications CFD, CAE, Financial computing, Computa- tional chemistry and Physics, Data analyt- ics, Satellite imaging, Weather modeling
  • Architecture Features SMX, Dynamic Parallelism, Hyper-Q
  • System Workstations

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I just connected the Tsunami and started it up a couple hours ago. After working the past 5 years next to a computer that sounded like a hair dryer (and put out as much heat as one), I'm really loving how quiet this unit is. :)
- Joel
Jeff PuleraJeff Pulera
Non-Linear Editing Specialist

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