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PD2 Remote Air Two (PD Movie) Free Shipping!

PD2 Remote Air Two (PD Movie)

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Mfr PN: PD2
Our PN: KANN5260085
Manufacturer: IKan
Platform(s): Mac & Win

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Quick Overview

Remote Air Two (PD Movie)



Manufacturer Part Number: PD2


  • Dual channel programming
  • 2 standard drive motors
  • Aluminum unibody design
  • Remote with OLED display
  • 2.4G digital wireless range up to 300 feet with 20 channels
  • Left/right handed operation
  • Automatic lens calibration
  • Can map virtually any cine-style lens

Sometimes, the traditional follow focus isnt enough.

With todays new demands in film and video production, the need for a wireless follow focus system is greater than ever, as complex shots on jibs, dollies, and steadicams become the norm.

The PD Movie Remote Air Two wireless follow focus system is a complete solution that brings reliable performance to the most involved shooting situations.Designed for cine style lenses, this dual channel system allows you to precisely control both focus and iris/ zoom with a single unit. The durable aluminum unibody hand unit is lightweight, and features an OLED display with channel and connection strength read outs. With 20 channels to choose from, the unit maintains peak performance without interference up to 300 feet away.

The system features automatic lens calibration and can map virtually any cinema style lens right out of the box. The included motor delivers professional grade performance and pairs well with consumer-level cine-style lenses.

The motors and receiver can be powered with your existing pro battery system with the included p-tap cable. The handle unit has a rechargeable internal lithium battery and runs for up to 30 hours on a single charge. Use the included USB wall charger to keep it powered up and ready to go.

Assistant Camera Operators will appreciate a complete system that is ready to work out of the case. With a solid build and robust performance, The PD Movie Remote Air Two wireless follow focus system is the all in one package todays camera technicians need in an ever increasingly demanding industry.


Two things were forefront in the design of the Remote Air; versatility and ease of use. The dual motor system mounts easily on any professional movie camera, and the automatic calibration system takes mere seconds to sync up. Thanks to the 20-channel signal range and the 2.4G signal strength, the Remote Air has the technological capabilities to be used anywhere from a studio shoot to a location shoot out in an open field without having to worry about loss of control.

The controllers themselves are as simple as turning two dials, and both feature an OLED display showing receiver channel, signal strength, and battery life so that you can check your system effortlessly and instantly. Plus, the whole system comes with its own personal carrying case making it a great on-the-go addition to your film team.

PD Movie Features

  • Durable all metal construction

PD Movie Remote Air is made of durable all metal construction. It has been designed and crafted to be a professional grade production tool.

  • 30 hour battery life

The wireless controller has a 30 hour battery life which allows worry free continuous use without the need for frequent recharging.

  • All cables and controllers included

Compared to other similar units PD Movie Remote Air comes in the box with everything you need.

  • Uses 15mm and19mm Rods

Pd Movie Remote Air allows the flexibility with the included adapter to use both 15mm and 19mm rods.

  • 4 all in one versions available

PD Move Remote Air comes in 4 versions to meet your shooting requirements. This includes a High Torque motor version for use with zoom control or stiff lenses.

  • 2.4 Digital Wireless

PD Movie Remote Air operates in the 2.4 GHz range, far from TV and DTV interference

  • 20 Channel Signal Range

Thanks to the 20-channel signal range and the 2.4G signal strength, the Remote Air has the technological capabilities to be used anywhere from a studio shoot to a location shoot out in an open field without having to worry about loss of control.

  • Range up to 300

The PD Movie Remote Air gives you hassle free operation at 300 feet line of site. So if you are using a jib or remote camera set up you wont have to worry about losing precise camera lens control.

  • Automatic Lens Calibration

The Remote Air knows that every shot and every scene is a whole new challenge, and the auto calibration system was built with this in mind. With every lens switch the system needs only a single button press to find both the beginning and the ending of the adjustment range, a process that takes mere seconds. One button press and youre ready to go once again.

  • Can Map Cine Style Lenses

PD Movie Remote Air can easily map you cine style lenses for simple ease of use no matter what your project requires in an all in one package

  • Can Map Lenses without Hard Stops

Even if your lenses dont have hard stops the PD Movie Remote Air allows easy one step mapping.

  • Can Set Manual A-B Stop

With the PD Movie Remote air the manual set up allows the user to create the same effect as a hard stop just like a traditional follow focus.

  • Uses 32 Pitch 0.8 Metric gear

PD Movie Remote Air is compatible with the most common 32 pitch lenses. It will likely fit lenses you already use.

  • Re-Maps Short Throw Lenses to the Full range of Focus Dial

PD Movie Remote Air allows the user greater lens control by giving you more room on your dial for non hurried lens adjustment.

  • Can Change Motor Direction

You can change direction to cater to the direction on that lens. A Lenses directional operation can change depending on the brand. PD Movie Remote Air will cater to the lens no matter what direction it operates.

  • Last Lens recording memory

PD Movie will hold in memory the last calibration that was set so if your shoot extends over more than one session you can be sure the unit will be calibrated to pick up where you left off.


  • Weight : 8.8lbs (2 x Standard Drive Motor 11,8 OZ) (Transmitter 1.76lbs)(Receiver 7.7 OZ)
  • Shipping Weight: 9lbs
  • Power Supply: Built in 2600mah rechargeable lithium battery
  • Shipping Dimensions: 15.4in x 13in x 4.5in
  • Barcode: 847983011384
  • Channels: 20
  • Signal: 2.4GHz wireless frequency; full duplex mode
  • Max Range: 300ft

Included Items

  • 2 X Antenna
  • 2 X Motor Drive Line Cables
  • 2 X Standard Drive Motor
  • 3 X 15mm Rod Adapter Rings
  • Dual Channel Wireless Follow Focus Hand Unit
  • Hard Case
  • USB Charger and Cable


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