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Rotoscoping in Mocha 2.6

Mfr PN: 99939_OL
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Platform(s): Mac & Win

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Quick Overview

Join Steve Wright, a 20 year visual effects veteran and visual effects master trainer for a comprehensive course on Mocha 2.6, the awesome roto program with a tightly integrated planar tracker. The planar tracker is not only used as a "roto assist" to speed up the roto process but the tracking data can also be exported to a wide variety of programs such as Nuke, After Effects, Combustion and many more for corner pinning, stabilizing, and match move. Beyond teaching Mocha, this course includes tips and techniques for creating feature film quality rotos.



Manufacturer Part Number: 99939_OL

Here are some highlights from the Mocha 2.6 Course:

  • Drawing and keyframing rotos
  • The Planar Tracker
  • How to break down shapes
  • Keyframing strategies
  • Stereo conversion
  • Exporting rotos and tracking data

MO-01: Drawing Splines
1.1 Drawing splines
1.2 Keyframing splines
1.3 Setting up a project
1.4 Setting shape attributes

MO-02: Tracking
2.1 Planar tracking demo
2.2 Motion options
2.3 Tracking splines
2.4 The Planar Grid
2.5 Adjust Track

MO-03: Rotoscoping
3.1 Shape breakdowns
3.2 Keyframing strategies
3.3 Stereo conversion
3.4 Inspecting your rotos
3.5 Exporting Rotos

MO-04: Advanced Techniques
4.1 Camera motion analysys
4.2 Advanced tracking techniques
4.3 Corner pinning
4.4 Tracking refinements
4.5 Stabilize tab
4.6 Exporting track data to Nuke

Approx. Run Time: 5 hours


Steve Wright is a senior visual effects compositing artist with over 20 years of production experience on over 70 feature films such as 'Night at the Museum 2', 'Shutter Island', 'Solaris', 'Traffic', 'U-571', 'Air Force One', 'Hart's War' and many, many more. Since 2005 Steve has been a master trainer traveling around the world conducting VFX compositing training for major studios such as Disney Feature Animation, Prime Focus, Reliance MediaWorks, Pixar Animation and many more.

Steve has published two popular books on compositing that are available on and produces training programs and conducts classes and workshops both online and location based. His tutorials have won two Telly awards and he is a member of the Visual Effects Society (VES) and the Digital Cinema Society (DCS). Visit Steves website at


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