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Slice Rack-mount HD-SDI H.264 Encoder (includes MPEG-TS) Free Shipping!

Slice Rack-mount HD-SDI H.264 Encoder (includes MPEG-TS)

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Mfr PN: 10-0166
Our PN: TERN5720090
Manufacturer: Teradek
Platform(s): Mac & Win

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Slice Rack-mount HD-SDI H.264 Encoder (includes MPEG-TS)



Manufacturer Part Number: 10-0166

The Teradek Slice-166 Rack-Mount HD-SDI H.264 Encoder is a rack-mount HD-SDI high-profile H.264 encoder solution for mission critical enterprise applications. The Slice encoder enables video professionals to broadcast low latency, high definition 1080p video for IPTV, streaming servers, OTT content, set-top boxes, and recorders.

The HD-SDI H.264 Encoder outputs a variety of stream types, including MPEG Transport Stream, RTMP, RTSP, and RTP Multicast. When broadcasting over the Ethernet, this encoder can utilize the powerful Zixi protocol, which ensures pristine HD quality video over challenging network environments.

The encoder supports all standard resolutions up to 1080p at 10 Mb/s. With the addition of a Sputnik server, the encoder can utilize IFB communication and remote monitoring features that give broadcasters full control over their IP video deployments. Moreover, Sputnik allows the encoder to tunnel through firewalls, which annuls the need to open ports.

The Sputnik 2.0 is Teradeks free software application between Edge and your streaming destination. Sputnik is designed to run on a Linux computer either in the Cloud using Amazon EC2 or on a local server with a single, publicly addressable TCP port. The software recombines packets from connected cellular modems into a cohesive video stream that can be sent to an H.264 decoder, computer, or viewed online.

Core is Teradeks cloud-based encoder fleet management system. You can effortlessly monitor and control all the Teradek encoders, cellular bonding systems, and decoders from a single Web GUI. The interface allows you to direct streams from the encoder to any number of decoders, even if both are behind firewalls or on private networks. All the encoding and transmission parameters can be remotely controlled from any location, thereby allowing field reporters to focus on the content and not the transmission gear. The automatic device discovery and drag and drop workflow makes entering IP addresses a thing of the past, while the customizable warnings and notifications ensure that things keep operating smoothly.


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