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SpaceDesign - 10 User

Mfr PN: SDS010
Our PN: RPLN0280013
Manufacturer: Render Plus Systems
Platform(s): Win

Product Type: Electronic Download
Time to Delivery: After 3PM CST electronic products may not be invoiced until next business day. Please allow up to 24 hours for delivery.

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Quick Overview

Attributes and Reports. Ten user license.



Manufacturer Part Number: SDS010

SpaceDesign creates parts lists and reports from your SketchUp model.

  • Assign Attributes to Components
  • Works with Dynamic Component attributes
  • Define Report Layout and Create Report
  • Drill into sub-components

SpaceDesign is an add-on for SketchUp for defining attributes and creating reports from SketchUp components.

  • report on Dynamic Component attributes.
  • Add your own attributes and report on them.
  • Combine and count components with similar attributes.
  • Extend cost and other fields (multiply by quantity).
  • Total extended cost and other fields.

There are four basic functions:

  1. Define attributes to be used in editing and reporting
  2. Edit Attributes for components
  3. Define which attributes you want to include in your report
  4. Generate the report.

Space Design is included in the Render Plus Combo Pack and can also be purchased separately.

SpaceDesign can be very easy to use for simple reporting - such as a count and cost of components placed in a model.

It also has very powerful features - such as as length, area and volume calculations which can create more complex reports, but will also be a little harder to use.

Whats New

Getting Started - First Quick Report
After downloading and installing SpaceDesign, follow these steps to try it out.

  1. Select 'SpaceDesign' from the SketchUp Plugins menu.
    1. The SD icon loads a dialog which lets you define how SpaceDesign will be loaded when you load SketchUp.
    2. The Attributes icon lets you define attributes. You can use standard attrbutes (e.g. Component name), Dynamic Component Attributes, or attributes you add to the component using SpaceDesign.
    3. The Report icon loads the Reports Dialog to create a report. See: SpaceDesign Report Wizard .
  2. Add a couple Components to your model (Regular Components or Dynamic Components)
  3. Right click on a component, and select 'Edit SpaceDesign Attributes'
  4. Enter a value for Cost and Description
  5. Click the Report icon

You should see a report like this:

  • The image is the current image in your SketchUp drawing.
  • I added a second instance of the bench so that you could see how count and extended cost work.
  • The text is set on the Text and Fonts tab of the report wizard.
  • See: SpaceDesign Report Wizard for more on report formatting.

Next Step - Define Attributes and Report Fields

The Define Attributes dialog will show:

  • Special $ Attributes
  • SpaceDesign attributes added to your components.
  • Dynamic Component attributes (These are preceded by DC:. You can report on them, but need to use the Dynamic Component editor to change their values.)

Adding Attributes

You can add additional SpaceDesign attributes using the Add Attribute button. You will be prompted for the settings for a new component.

  • Name - The name for your new attribute
  • Header Text - The heading which will appear on reports
  • Format - Text, Numeric, Database or Currency. (See Number Formatting )
  • Decimals - If Numeric, this is the number of decimal places to use
  • Min Width - The minimum width for reports. (in average character size)
  • Right Justify -
  • Include on Report
  • Allow Viewing - Will be viewed on the Edit dialog, but cannot be changed
  • Allow Editing - View and edit on the Edit Dialog
  • Blank if Zero - report as blank when values is 0
  • Show Total - total this column
  • Extend From - calculate this field by multiplying another field by the Count field.
  • See: SpaceDesign Attributes
  • See: SpaceDesign - How to extend Total Weight

Define Report

Select the attributes desired on the report.

In addition to the SpaceDesign attributes on you components, you can include:

  • $count - count of components with the same attributes
  • $name - the name of the component
  • $description - The description stored in the component definition. (Or the Component name if the description is blank)
  • $layer - the layer on which the component is placed.

Check boxes

For each attributes, use the check box to include it in the report.

Report Title

This is used for the title of the report, and also for the name of the file for the report.

Downloads and Installation
There is a 30 day Trial Version for RPS products. This is a fully functional version, with watermarks or other text added to indicate that it is a trial version.

Follow the links from the Downloads Page to download the latest version.


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