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Up2Date - Craft CrawlerTracks

Up2Date - Craft CrawlerTracks

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Our PN: CRAN9500010
Manufacturer: Craft Animations
Platform(s): Mac & Win

Product Type: Electronic Download
Time to Delivery: Usually ships in 1 business day.

List Price:$239.80

You Save: $4.81 (2%)


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One year support and upgrades!



Manufacturer Part Number: CRAWLERTRACKS U2D

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No need to fear that you will get stuck during a project. With an Up2Date subscription you have access to Crafts World-class support! Get answers for your questions, help with your project, suggestions of different solutions, etc. And fast!

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As we want our customers to work as easily as possible with our tools we provide a getting started session for Up2Date members. You get to book a 1 hour online training session where you will get live coaching with our tools.

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This is an exclusive newsletter that only goes out to Up2Date members. You will be informed of the latest releases, detailed information about updates, when updates are available, and what were currently working on.

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As an Up2Date member you can provide Craft Animations with a clip of your work with Craft Director Tools and it will be displayed in their Demo Galley on the web.

Special Offers / Discount
Up2Date members get a special discount when purchasing additional tools. You are also eligible for special offers on upcoming products.

Unique Forum Rank
All Up2Date members receive a special rank on Craft Animations online forum.


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