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vMix 4K Upgrade (from Basic HD)

vMix 4K Upgrade (from Basic HD)

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Our PN: VMXN0330010
Manufacturer: vMix
Platform(s): Win

Product Type: Electronic Download
Time to Delivery: After 3PM CST electronic products may not be invoiced until next business day. Please allow up to 24 hours for delivery.

List Price:$640.00

You Save: $32.00 (5%)


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Quick Overview

vMix 4K Upgrade (from Basic HD)



Manufacturer Part Number: VMIX 4K UPG1





  • Two additional independent outputs for vMix Call, Replay and NDI (Pro and 4K editions only)
  • Second recorder with an independent recording format that can be assigned to one of the 4 outputs. (Pro and 4K editions only)

Production Clocks

  • New Dual Production Clock can now be enabled from Settings -> Options
  • Each of the clocks can display either the current time, recording duration, streaming duration or a countdown to an event
  • Clock display can also be added as an input which can be assigned to the MultiView Output
  • Clock input can also be enabled as an NDI source on the network, providing a mobile clock that can be displayed anywhere using the free NDI tools!

vMix Call

  • Audio and Video sources sent to guests can now be changed independently at any time from the right click menu
  • All vMix editions including Basic HD can now connect to a remote vMix Call running HD or higher
  • New Low Latency option added. This can be used on reliable, high bandwidth point to point connections where the lowest possible delay is required


  • New Channel Matrix option available for every input that supports audio
  • Provides a 8x16 channel audio router to every input that can be assigned to any of the audio output buses in any combination
  • Live audio meters added to each channel in the Input Channel Mixer


  • Improved streaming settings layout
  • Each of the 3 destinations now supports independent bitrate and resolution settings
  • Hardware Encoder can also be controlled independently on each stream to assist with systems where GeForce cards only support 2 encoders at a time


  • Added new Visca Over IP support to connect to newer Sony SRG series cameras in addition to the new IP model from Lumens


  • Added support for controlling NewBlue Titler Live 3.0 via NDI
  • Supports commands such as AnimateIn, AnimateOut which can be accessed from the Input right click menu or assigned to controllers using the new shortcut function NDICommand
  • Supports live editing of Titler Live templates from within the vMix Title Editor and Web Controller, with the ability to assign data sources as well
    vMix now includes the vMix Title Pack for free! This includes 36 additional templates including scoreboards and lower thirds.


  • Added support for X-keys XK-68 Jog/Shuttle controller
  • Improved CPU usage when streaming, particularly with 4K
  • Improved performance with 4K Magewell capture cards
  • New TCP API for embedded devices. See Developer Information in the help for more information.


  • Activators: Assign MIDI LED and Faders to events in vMix.
  • Data Sources: Data sources from Excel, CSV, Google Sheets, RSS, Text and XML automatically update.
  • Replay: Play by ID' button and Automatic numbering.
  • Lists: New dockable tab and video and audio management

NEW in v15

Instant Replay

  • All new 4 channel instant replay with slow motion playback, event management and more
  • 1 channel suppot included with vMix 4K with 4 channels available in vMix Pro
  • Full feature listing available on help page


  • Ustream and Sunday Streams added to streaming destinations
  • Improved FFMPEG streaming with support for infinite auto-reconnects in the event of internet outage
  • New multiple streaming destination support with easy to use 1,2 and 3 stream selection buttons


  • AJA camera inputs will automatically reset when new video format is detected

Photos, PowerPoint

  • Back/Next buttons added to user interface
  • PowerPoint and Photos slide shows can now be started and stopped through Play/Pause button
  • Default transition time is 2 seconds

User Interface

  • Input numbers will now next to each input title and in the MultiView by default. These can be hidden in Settings -> Display.
  • Image Sequence moved to separate Image Sequence / Stinger Add Input tab. Improved performance when using stingers.


vMix Replay

  • Four channel continuous recording of up to four camera inputs including audio.
  • Recordings are industry standard MPEG-2 I-Frame MPG files at up to full HD 1080 with Progressive and Interlaced support.
  • Audio is recorded as uncompressed 48khz 16 bit stereo PCM
  • Two channel simultaneous playback of recorded footage with dynamic camera angle switching.
  • Precise slow motion playback control from 10 to 100%.
  • Reverse playback and frame by frame control.
  • Four Events lists are available that can each include an unlimited number of Mark In and Mark Out points that can be added on the fly and changed at any time.
  • Each event can have a default camera angle selected for playback and text comments can also be included with each angle for easy recall.
  • Easily playback entire Events lists or selected entries as a highlight reel, complete with transition effects and background music.
  • Auto mark in / out controls allow quick event creation with the click of a button with 5, 10 and 20 second presets.
  • Keyboard shortcut support for all replay functions
  • Many hardware control options available including Scroll Wheel slow motion control and Contour ShuttlePro support.
  • Export events to separate video files on the fly, or use the recordings straight away in your favorite video editor without conversion.
  • Use vMix Replay as a dedicated instant replay system or incorporate it into your existing vMix based production.

All your inputs in one place

  • Video Cameras - 4K, HD and SD capable. Support for DeckLink, Intensity Pro, Webcams and more.
  • Video Files - Support for all popular formats including AVI, MP4, H264, MPEG-2, WMV and QuickTime
  • DVDs - With menu navigation
  • Audio Files - MP3 and WAV
  • Audio Devices - Mix multiple audio sources such as SoundCards and DeckLink Audio
  • Video and Audio PlayLists - Combine multiple video and/or audio files into a single Input
  • RTSP, PowerPoint, Photos, Flash, RTMP, Solid Colour and more.

10 Transition Effects
Cut, Fade, Zoom, Wipe, Slide, Fly, CrossZoom, FlyRotate, Cube and CubeZoom transitions available with 4 customisable transition buttons for easy access to your favourite effects.

Simultaneous Recording, Streaming and Output

  • Stream to your favourite streaming providers including UStream and YouTube Live
  • Live Record in full HD to AVI, MP4, MPEG-2 or WMV
  • Output via DeckLink capable cards to professional recording decks and monitors
  • Virtual Capture support for streaming to 3rd party software such as Skype, Google Hangout and VLC.

Professional HD production on a modest PC
vMix is the most efficient live production software on the market thanks to full 3D acceleration. Create productions with multiple HD sources without breaking the bank or your CPU.

HD Virtual Sets with high quality real-time Chroma Key

  • 4 Built In Virtual Sets - Or build your own
  • Full Motion Zoom - Customisable camera position presets
  • High Quality Chroma Key - Use with or without virtual sets to suit your production needs

PC and Mac Desktop Sources
Utilise screen capture from remote desktops running on your network. Great for PowerPoint and Skype. Audio Capture support for Skype and other videoconferencing software is available under Windows 7.

Built-In Title Templates
Easily add and edit a Title or ScoreBoard from the many built in templates or build your own using any Graphics or Vector editing software. Adjust Text, Font Size and Colour and Real-Time with instant updates.

Video Delay / Instant Replay

  • Create a Video Delay input and assign it to any available Camera or Output
  • Save multiple Video Clips of notable events for playback at a later time
  • Configurable slow motion playback from 5 to 400%

Built-In Audio Mixer
Audio Mixer allows you to easily keep track of all audio sources and includes the ability to Mute, Follow (Auto Mixing) and Delay any source. A VU Meter is also included with a peaking display to ensure each inputs level is broadcast ready.

Live Video Effects
Colour Correct, Deinterlace, Sharpen, Zoom, Rotate, Pan and Crop any input in real-time. All effects are processed in 4:4:4 32bit colour space for optimal video quality.

Multi View
Combine multiple inputs together using the different 'Multi View' presets or customise the position of each element with the available Zoom, Pan, Rotate and Crop controls.

4 Overlay Channels
vMix includes 4 Overlay Channels in addition to the Multi View feature. Each overlay channel can have its own transition effect, position and border.

Touch Screen Web Interface
Control vMix remotely using your Surface, iPad, Android or other touch screen device using the built in web interface. Customisable shortcut buttons can also be created to activate common production scenarios.



  • Operating System Windows 7 or higher, Windows 8.1
  • Processor 2Ghz Dual-Core Processor, Intel Core i7 Processor
  • Memory 1GB DDR2, 4GB DDR3
  • Hard Drive 7200 RPM Hard Drive (for recordings), Solid State Disk
  • Graphics Card DirectX 10 Compatible, Dedicated nVidia Card with 1GB Memory
  • Screen Resolution 1280x720, 1920x1080

Graphics Cards

  • All DirectX 10 Compatible graphics cards are supported.
  • The speed of the graphics card will determine how many HD cameras, inputs and simultaneous recording, streaming and outputs are possible.
    • Intel HD Graphics 4000
      • HD Inputs: 2 Cameras + 4 Inputs
      • Outputs: 1080p recording or 720p recording + streaming
    • nVidia 250, 450, 550, 650
      • HD Inputs: 1GB 4 Cameras + 8 Inputs + Instant Replay
      • Outputs: 1080p recording and streaming

Video Capture Hardware

  • Any capture hardware not listed below may work with vMix as long as the hardware provides DirectShow compatible drivers.
  • This includes PCI, PCI Express, USB 2.0 and Thunderbolt based hardware.
  • LIST (bottom of page) -


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