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Acme Control Surface Free Shipping!

Acme Control Surface

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Our PN: ACMN5730005
Manufacturer: Acme Portable
Platform(s): Win

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Quick Overview

Hardware control surface (vMix only)



Manufacturer Part Number: ACMECS

The ACME Control Surface is the perfect complement to the ACME GO and ACME RACK. It connects via USB and and brings that tactile control to any vMix production by providing a traditional production switcher interface. Using the control surface allows additional personnel to handle titles, graphics, replays and other show tasks while the operator continues to switch the show. Simply plug in and start producing professional live broadcasts.

Overlay Bus (Top Row)
In vMix, graphics placed on top of other sources are known as Overlays. These are also known as Down Stream Keyers (DSK) because the graphics are usually 'keyed' over live video after any upstream effects are applied. The DSK buttons on the Control Surface correspond to the 1 through 4 numbers underneath each input in vMix.

  1. Select the Overlay channel you wish to use. Example: if you want to overlay an input on channel 1, press the DSK1 button. It will now light up indicating overlay channel one on the first 12 inputs is ready to be used.
  2. Press the desired input you wish to overlay. Example: if you have a lower third title in input 6, press button 6 on the Overlay row. Button 6 will then light up indicating that input 6 is overlaid on channel 1 of the chosen input.
  3. To see which inputs are currently active on each overlay channel, you can cycle through the 4 DSK buttons. If an overlay channel has an active input, the corresponding input will light up.

Program Bus (Middle Row)
Press the number of the input on the Program row that you want to assign to the Program or Output.

This will cut or take the input directly to output without any transitions.

Preview Bus (Bottom Row)
Press the number of the input on the Preview row that you want to assign to Preview.


  • Keys: The high-quality professional key switches are color backlit with customizable LEDs
  • Power/Communication: Powered using an included 3.3' USB cable; low latency communication
  • Input Switching: Twelve program, preview, and overlay buttons in traditional cross-point layout for input control
  • DSK: Four downstream keyer buttons to activate overlays
  • Transitions: Two transition buttons to control vMix configured transitions
  • including Cut, Fade, Zoom, Wipe, Slide, Fly, CrossZoom, FlyRotate, Cube, and CubeZoom. Take button are provided for quick cuts
  • T-Bar: Smooth motion T-bar enables clean transitions between sources
  • Function Keys: User assignable functions keys control vMix Shortcuts including complex macro-styled trigger events


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