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Acon Digital DeVerberate 3 + Restoration Suite 3 for EDIUS X

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Acon Digital DeVerberate 3 + Restoration Suite 3 for EDIUS X
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Acon DeVerberate 3 - Reverb Reduction Plug-in

The balance between direct sound and reverberation is essential for the acoustic quality of audio recordings. DeVerberate is a reverb reduction plug-in that can attenuate or boost the reverberation that is already present in recorded material. The new version DeVerberate 3 includes an entirely new algorithm based on deep learning for fully automatic reverb reduction of recorded dialogue. By training a neural network on thousands of high-quality voice recordings and a wide variety of acoustical surroundings, the artificial intelligence can automatically separate dialogue from reverb.


The reverb reduction algorithm from version 2 is included for music and other audio sources. Both algorithms split the incoming audio into an estimation of the direct sound and the reverberated sound which can then be recombined freely. Additionally, a unique Early Reflections Filter that works in conjunction with the reverb suppression algorithms is included. The Early Reflections Filter uses sophisticated statistical methods to estimate the so called impulse response of the early reflections, which is then used to cancel out the effect of the early reflections.


Use Cases


Attenuate reverberation in existing recordings

Change the perceived distance in a mix by changing the balance between the direct sound and the reverberation

Improve dialog and location sound

Forensic specialists can improve speech intelligibility

Boost the natural reverberation in existing recordings                      




Fully automatic dialogue reverb reduction based on deep learning

Manual mode for music and other signal types with adjustments of the original reverberation’s level and decay times

Separate adjustments of the direct sound and the reverberation levels

Early reflections filter

Frequency spectrum representation of the following signals:

Input signal

Output signal

Estimated reverberation

Frequency emphasis filter for the the reduction level

High and low shelving filters with variable slopes (-3 to -96 dB/ octave)

High and low peak filters with adjustable bandwidth (0.1 to 3.0 octaves)

Graphical representation of frequency response

Editing of filter settings through handles in the freqency response curve

EUCON and full Pro Tools HW controller support

Acon Digital Restoration Suite

When shooting a video sequence you cannot always avoid recording some noise. Sometimes you might find out only in the editing suite that there are some disturbing audio signals in your footage.


To fix this in the postproduction is usually very time consuming and often does not lead to the hoped for results.

How often do you have failed to remove noise like hiss, wind noise or broadband noise from important scenes?

With ACON Digital Restauration Suite for EDIUS it is possible to reduce different kind of noise in less time and good quality.


Great efforts have been put into preserving as much of the

original signal and it’s character as possible during the noise reduction process.


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