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ADDERLink INFINITY dual 2112T Free Shipping!


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Mfr PN: ALIF2112T-US
Our PN: ADDN5720020
Manufacturer: Adder
Platform(s): Mac & Win

Availability: Usually ships in 2-business days or less.

List Price:$1,750.00

You Save: $87.50 (5%)

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Quick Overview

Dual Link, Dual head digital video and USB (VM) using VNC remote access



Manufacturer Part Number: ALIF2112T-US

ADDERLink INFINITY Dual VNC a high performance KVM server that can be accessed remotely via IP with a VNC viewer and / or simultaneously with an AdderLink Infinity receiver. Its base feature set is the same as the AdderLink Infinity Dual with the addition of:


  • View 2560x 1600 or two 1920x 1200 sessions
  • Real VNC server with RFP 3.3 support
  • Up to 256bit AES and RSA 2048 encryption
  • VM support and RS232 for power control
  • Supports 16 users simultaneously
  • Out of band Bios level access
  • Compatible with AdderLink Infinity Matrix

Dual Link DVI - Dual Head DVI - Dual IP Carrier Type (copper and fiber)

Fully compatible with the ADDERLink INFINITY Matrix range.

Remote monitoring, Remote Control, Remote maintainance

View and access your computers remotley , out of band without the need to install software

High video performance over VNC

The VNC server can be accessed by a standard web browser but for superior graphical performance,a Real VNC viewer should be used . Free of the limitations of HTTPS, Real VNC greatly enhances video performance. The unit serves pixel perfect video upto 24 bits per colour at a maximum of 2560 x 1600 or two at 1920x 1200. RFB3.3 is supported for open source viewers.

Dual link or dual head DVI

The ADDERLink INFINITY dual features full DVI connectivity for either dual link or dual head applications. DVI delivers native digital video signals from your computer to your digital panel (LCD for example) without the need to convert signal types from the digital domain. By delivering native digital video throughout the ADDERLink INFINITY network, you can be assured of accuracy on each and every pixel.

Adderlink Infinity Dual resolutions. 2x1920x1200, 2x1920x1080, 1x2560x1600, 1x2048x2048

Ideal for control rooms

The unit can simulaniously serve a vnc equipped video wall processor and an AdderLink Infinity equipped user station reducing the complexity of control room infrastructure

Highly secure

Employing enterprise grade security (using AES 256 bit encryption and RSA 2048 bit public key authentication) as standard, the unit is further enhanced by the use of Real VNC that allows for the creation of ciphered user communications.

USB and Virtual media support

To transfer files from remote users to controlled computers, system has been engineered to act as a conduit through which data can be passed. Files can be transferred via IP onto the AdderLink Infinity Dual and onto the target computer by means of a USB virtual media port.

Power control through RS232 serial interface

The unit has an RS232 port to allow communication to devices like power switches, allowing remote re-booting of the target computer.

User management

On the VNC server, you can create up to 16 user profiles with defined access rights. The unit can be accessed by up to 16 users at any one time.

Digital KVM Matrix

By the addition of AdderLink Infinity management system (A.I.M) you can turn multiple point to point extenders into a matrix system that allows any workstation to connect to any computer connected to the network. See the A.I.M data sheet for details.

Hardware compatibility

All computers with DVI-D, USB, Audio, RS232 - requirement dependent

DVI-D - Digital Visual Interface Digital only

The system supports either two single link DVI resolutions to a maximum of 1920 x 1200@ 60Hz or a single Dual link to a maximum of 2560 x 1600@ 60Hz

USB 2.0 with Class control

Supports USB2.0 devices (Low, full and high speed). The system has a security feature which allows the blocking of non HID devices. Isochronous devices are not supported (i.e. USB audio or video devices)

Digital Stereo Audio

The system delivers analogue stereo audio (Line in, Line Out) digitally across the network. A special version of the VNC viewer is needed to receive audio see technical support page to download.


RS232 can be passed between the units to a maximum baud rate 115K2. RS232 is reserved for power control for AdderLink Infinity Dual VNC

Software compatibility

All known operating systems (except Sun BIOS access)

Computer connections Transmitter (Tx)

2 x DVI-D x 1, Audio 3.5mm in, Audio 3.5mm out, USB type B, and RS232 9 pin D-Type

System connections:

1 x 8p8c for VNC access
1 x 8p8c and 1 x SFP cage for AdderLink Infinity Network

Physical design

1U compact case, robust metal construction. 198mm/7.92' (w), 44mm/1.76' (h), 150mm/6.0' (d), 1.1kg/2.7lbs.


2.5mm DC jack (power adapter included),100-240VAC 50/60Hz, 0.8A, input to power adapter, 5VDC 20.0W output from power adapter

Operating temperature

0 to 40C / 32 to 104F



Additional Accessories

SFP-MM-LC : Multimode fibre optic module with LC connectors for up to 500 Meters
SFP-SM-LC : Single mode fibre optic module with LC connectors for up to 10Km
SFP-CATx- RJ45: SFP to CATx converter module

Rackmount Options

RMK-4S: 1 unit per 1U 19 inch
RMK-4D: 2 units per 1U 19 inch
RMK-4V: VESA mount, can also be used to secure to walls/surfaces

Order Codes

ALIF2112T-XX: (transmitter only)

XX= Mains Lead Country Code:

UK = United Kingdom
US = United States
EURO = Europe
AUS = Australia


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