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Our PN: ADDN5720007
Manufacturer: Adder
Platform(s): Mac & Win

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Quick Overview

The ADDERLink X-DVI PRO is ADDER's second generation extender to transmit both full DVI video as well as USB over a single CATx cable.



Manufacturer Part Number: X-DVIPRO-US

The ADDERLink X-DVI PRO allows users to distribute control of any computer which uses DVI video and USB. The X-DVIPRO can deliver perfect 1080p digital video at distances over 50 meters and resolutions up to 165 MPixels per second (e.g. 1920 x 1200 @ 60Hz or 3840 x 2400 @ 17Hz). In operation, the X-DVI PRO is truly plug and play, delivering full EDID data from computer to screen ensuring your hardware is always setup to deliver optimal display performance.

Full single link DVI extender
The ADDERLink X-DVI PRO extender is designed to deliver full single link DVI digital video resolutions up to 165 MPixels per second. 165MPixels per second is the maximum data rate available on single link DVI connections, and is achieved without the need to compress data in any way. Resolutions supported by single link DVI range from 640 x 480 @ 60 Hz (25 MPixels/s) through to 3840 x 2400 @ 17Hz (164 MPixels/s).

USB transparent connection
Alongside fully un-compressed DVI video, the ADDERLink X-DVI PRO also delivers bidirectional USB (low speed / full speed) data allowing you to extend any USB device over 50 meters on the same CATx cable.

This makes the X-DVI PRO perfect for distributed workstations where you want to reduce environmental concerns such as heat and noise. A typical example of this would be post production suites. By centralizing your workstations, you can also extend operational life-span by ensuring optimal temperature control, and minimal physical disturbance.

Single CATx distribution
ADDERLink X-DVI PRO requires just one CATx (CAT7a recommended) cable. Other solutions available require two cables to carry DVI and DDC EDID. The X-DVIPRO delivers this alongside USB data over a single CATx cable. Dependent upon cable type, quality and connections distances may vary. See technical specification for detailed rules.

DVI-D digital video
The ADDERLink X-DVI PRO is specifically designed to carry digital video over 50 meters. By maintaining the video in a purely digital domain, no loss of quality through D/A or A/D conversion will be experienced, ensuring the display output (LCD panel for example) is exactly the same as the signal produced by the display adapter (video card).

Extended profile DDC EDID
The ADDERLink X-DVI PRO carries extended profile DDC EDID data from your display device to the display adapter to ensure that your system is configured to deliver optimal video performance. The extended profile DDC EDID is particularly important when extending video to high performance display devices. This is essential for professional graphics users such as post production, broadcast, architecture, graphic design, medical imaging, CAD or any other applications where display performance is critical.

Interface/mains power options
The AdderLink X-DVI PRO transmitter can be powered directly via the USB link, reducing cable clutter. If you prefer, a mains power adapter is also available.

SchemeResolutionFrequencyData FormatData Rate
HDTV1920x108060HzCVT-R139MP/sCAT7a60 metres
UXGA1600x120060HzGTF161MP/sCAT7a60 metres
WUXGA1920x120060HzCVT-R154MP/sCAT7a60 metres
HDTV1920x108060HzCVT-R139MP/sCAT6a55 metres
HDTV1920x108060HzCVT-R139MP/sCAT5e45 metres
SXGA1280x102460HzCVT-R108MP/sCAT7a70 metres
SXGA1280x108060HzCVT-R108MP/sCAT6a65 metres
SXGA1280x108060HzCVT-R108MP/sCAT5e55 metres

Note: Distances are achieved using single lengths of trunk/bulk cable. For each break/patch connection reduce distance by 5 meters. For resolutions/data rates of less than1280x1024 /108MP/s, add 10 meters. Preferably patch cables should be of type CAT7a and less than 2 meters. Patch cables over 2 meters must be CAT7a.


  • Video Resolution
    • Single link DVI video resolution up to a maximum pixel rate of 165MP/s
  • Extension Distance
    • See table
  • O/S Compatability
    • Operating system independent
  • Connectors (local / remote)
    • Local end: DVI-D, USB B, optional power jack, RJ45
    • Remote end: DVI-D, 4 x USB A, power jack, RJ45
  • Physical design
    • Local: All metal case, 120mm / 4.7in (w) x 75mm / 3in (d) x 26mm / 1in (h) 319g / 0.7 lb.
    • Remote: All metal case, 120mm / 4.7in (w) x 75mm / 3in (d) x 26mm / 1in (h) 323g / 0.7 lb.
  • Power
    • Local interface powered, optional +5V DC; remote end +5V DC
  • Operating temperature
    • 0 - 40 deg C
  • Approvals
    • CE, FCC
  • Cable recomendation
    • Daetwyler Uninet 7702 Flex 4P
  • Additional Accessories
    • Rack mount plate with screws included: X-RMK-FASCIA
    • Rack mount chassis: X-RMK-CHASSIS


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