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Adobe Premiere Pro CC ASTRA PC Keyboard Free Shipping!

Adobe Premiere Pro CC ASTRA PC Keyboard

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Our PN: LKEN5750072
Manufacturer: Logickeyboard
Platform(s): Win

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List Price:$139.90

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Quick Overview

Logickeyboard Adobe Premiere Pro CC Astra Backlit Keyboard



Manufacturer Part Number: LKBU-PPROCC-APBH-US


Youll never be left in the dark with the new ASTRA series, the next-generation backlit keyboard thats packed with extras! No more struggling to see your keyboard while editing in a dark room - the ASTRA keyboard offers five selectable light levels, making it the perfect choice for any lighting environment. The ASTRA series is optimal from day to night, bright room or dim, with just a tap of your finger.

With one wire for the USB hub and a separate one for the keyboard, the ASTRA series is ideal for editing systems that use USB KVM extenders, and installations that require data security. Moreover, the ASTRA series keyboard is compatible with our entire software suite, from video editing programs like DaVinci Resolve to graphics platforms like Adobe Photoshop.

Backlit keys for enhanced contrast and readability
Dimmable backlight with five selectable levels. 100/80/60/40/20/0%
Which allows you to set the light at the exact level you prefer considered the light in your surroundings.
Built-in dual USB ports
Automatically switches to smoothing light when left alone for three minutes
Scissor switch keys for lighter, quieter keystrokes
Innovative design suits any desk or workstation
Fine craftsmanship using only the best materials
Color-coded, labeled shortcut keys with graphical commands
Compatible with Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7/8/10

The dedicated LogicKeyboard makes controlling Adobe Premiere Pro CC a lot simpler and faster. It is ideal for post-production facilities, professional video editing houses and anyone else who requires all the custom key commands to readily accessible from a dedicated, clearly labeled, colour-coded keyboard. Using this keyboard is also a great way to learn the Adobe Premiere Pro CC key commands. And since the Adobe Premiere Pro CC dedicated keyboard also features all the regular letter, number, and symbol labelling that you will find on a conventional keyboard, it can simply be used as a substitute for it. Easy to set up and use. No software required. Soft touch keystroke - Ideal for all day comfort

What is in the box: Please note, sample photo.
1 pcs. Adobe Premiere Pro CC PC Backlit Astra Keyboard + 1 pcs. LogicGo Keyboard Bag.


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