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Angelbird MATCH PACK for Z CAM E2

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Match Pack for Z CAM E2 512GB SSD2go PKT Grey | 256GB CFast
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Fast, Reliable Recording Media for Z CAM E2 Cinema Cam

The Z CAM E2 Match Pack™ is designed, and tested in-camera, for 100% compatibility and smooth recording. Expect buttery smooth footage capture and optimized file compression that performs flawlessly, even on marathon shooting sessions.


Build the kit that suits your cinematic style. Choose from identical AV PRO CFast 2.0 cards and/or an external recording and back up option with the SSD2GO PKT. The PKT Mounting Bracket will keep your system tight and secure no matter how extreme your shoots get!



The Match Pack™ for Z CAM™ E2 ProRes Cinema Camera completes the ambition to combine superior image quality and multi-function versatility that keeps pace with the demands of today’s digital nomad.


We offer the only media solutions using Solid Connect™ technology. Our SSD2GO PKT features an internal connection port which protects against loose cables and worn-out connectors. It sounds simple, but it just might save your ass on set!


The Angelbird Z CAM MATCH PACK fully supports the smooth versatility of recording and editing ProRes compression files from the cold-comfort of life on the road. Featuring rock-solid construction that is light and portable, can easily withstand extreme heat and cold… it can even endure over-zealous airport security!


·        Custom built for Z CAM™ 

·        1x AV PRO CF 256 GB, 1x SSD2GO PKT 512 GB

·        Optimized for ProRes recording

·        Every unit 100% tested


After filming is complete the SSD2GO PKT can easily transition from your camera to the desktop, supporting your favorite post-production software.



Before we release any new Match Pack™, we run numerous integration tests with the actual camera. This way you can be assured that Angelbird media will function well and maximize the specific technological features of your camera.


·        stable stream™

·         Custom built for Z CAM E2 Cinema Cameracapacity

·        Optimised for ProRes recordingvideo photo audio

·        Stable StreamTMCNC-worked, aluminium heatsink iconEvery unit

·        100 % testedX-ray & magnetic proofX-ray &

·        magnetic proof Rock-solid build

·        Rock-solid build

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