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Angelbird Wings MX2

Wings MX2
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Time to spread your Wings and fly!
Angelbird Wings is a PCIe card, which hosts up to four Crest SSDs. The more SSDs are attached, the faster your system will be. This sounds unreal, so, step by step we will explain.

Extremely fast storage
In conventional system, each disk is used separately. With a Wings Striped RAID, the load is spread out over all connected Crest SSDs, giving you an amazing performance boost. By adding up to four disks to the Wings card, you incrementally increase your performance.

Optimized for Audio and Video
Using Wings you can edit audio and video material in real-time without any penalty given by traditional hard drives. The card is perfectly optimised to work flawlessly on Apple OS X and all its pro apps.

Three models to choose from
Wings is available in three models, one with 32GB or 16GB on-board SSD memory, or as Lite Version without on-board memory. The on-board memory can be used however you wish.

You can put up to four Crest SSDs on a Wings card. They don't even need to have the same capacity. You could start with one 60GB SSD for the OS and add two 120GB later for work and project data.

Besides Crest SSDs, almost all 3rd party 2.5' Hard Disk Drives and SSDs are supported.

The Wings card is bootable, both on PC and Mac! This means you can install your system on an SSD on the Wings card, and start your system from it.

Secure your data with RAID
If you choose to setup a Mirror RAID with your Wings, all your data one one disk is physically duplicated onto the other. This means that even when one disk fails, you still have a second copy to continue working with.

RAID Configurations
RAID stands for Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks, which means that multiple storage media are combined as one unit by means of software, which in most cases is integrated into every OS.

Multiple, separate RAID arrays can be arranged over single and multiple cards. Depending on the supported operating system, RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5 are possible. We recommend, if equipped with SandForce based Crest SSD, to set up a Striping array for maximum performance and storage size.

Fast gaming
Using Wings, loading time is reduced to almost zero, as well as real-time content loading. Gamers can load high definition games with large textures and rich content blazingly fast.

  • Type Expandable PCIe x4 card.
  • Models 32GB 16GB Lite
  • Onboard storage 32GB on-board SSD 16GB on-board SSD -
  • PCIe Compatibility PCIe rev 1.0a x4 10Gb/s
  • SATA Compatibility SATA II rev 1.0 3Gb/s. Backwards compatible with SATA I
  • Expansion Ports 4 ports for 2.5in SATA drives
  • Power Requirement The Wings card needs to be powered with one mini-molex connector. A SATA power to mini molex converter cable is included.
  • 1x Wings PCIe x4 card
  • 1x Wings Power Cable
  • 1 Pack of 3rd Party Drive Bolts
  • Apple OS X Leopard, Snow Leopard and Lion.
  • Microsoft Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista (32 and 64bit).1, 2
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