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ATEM Studio Converter 2 Free Shipping!

ATEM Studio Converter 2

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Our PN: BMDN5740003
Manufacturer: Blackmagic Design
Platform(s): Mac & Win

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Quick Overview

4 x optical fiber converters in 1 RU design, supports talkback and tally



Manufacturer Part Number: SWRCONVRCK2

Get your camera close to the action using low cost optical fiber!
Now you can position your cameras a long distance away from your switcher and get closer to the action with ATEM Camera and Studio Converters. ATEM Camera Converter is a super tough optical fiber converter with talkback, tally, microphone inputs and a built in long life battery. Using low cost optical fiber you can connect to your cameras up to 28 miles away and even at those great distances you still get full bi-directional video, audio, talkback and tally signals!

The perfect solution for live events!
ATEM Converters are the perfect solution for live music and sporting events where you need to place cameras in remote locations such as on race tracks or near to a stage, where there is a huge distance between the live action and your switcher! Connect up to 4 ATEM Camera Converters to each ATEM Studio Converter and get multiple camera talkback, so all camera operators can communicate with the switcher operator using talkback that is embedded into channels 15 and 16 of the optical fiber SDI connection.

Designed for live production
There are two ATEM converters for use at opposite ends of a live camera connection! ATEM Camera Converter converts your cameras SDI or HDMI output to optical fiber, with embedded external audio and talkback from the camera position. The machined aluminum design is lightweight, strong and includes an internal long life battery for increased portability. ATEM Studio Converters rack mount design has 4 bi-directional optical fiber connections so you can connect multiple camera converters and convert the optical fiber input to SDI and de-embed audio using XLR connections.

Work over lengths of up to 28 miles!
ATEM converters connect using industry standard single mode optical fiber cable with standard LC connectors. Optical fiber lets you connect way beyond the distance of traditional copper cables. Its widely available, easy to use and affordable because it's the same optical fiber cable used in computer networking. ATEM Camera Converter and ATEM Studio Converter use the standard SMPTE specification for optical fiber connections using standard single mode optical fiber running at 1310nm, which allows you to connect at distances up to 28 miles!

During busy live production it's vital to be able to talk to your camera operators. ATEM Camera and Studio Converters take advantage of the 16 channel SDI audio standard and embed the talkback into rarely used channels 15 and 16. ATEM Camera Converter uses standard PC or iPhone type headsets while the ATEM Studio Converter uses more robust aviation headsets that are available in hundreds of different styles! ATEM Studio Converter also features a built in microphone input and speaker so you don't need to use a headset.

It's important for camera operators to know when their camera is on air, so they don't inadvertently change their shot when millions of people could be viewing! ATEM Camera and Studio Converters support SDI tally output from the program feed of switchers, such as Blackmagic Design's ATEM range of live production switchers. When a camera is on air a red LED illuminates on the ATEM Camera Converter and a red tally border is displayed on the converter's SDI and HDMI monitoring outputs!

Machined from a solid block of aluminum
ATEM Camera Converter is machined from a solid block of aluminum to withstand daily use in live production environments. The integrated belt clip lets you operate cameras easily while connected to headsets. ATEM Studio Converter features a stylish machined aluminum front panel for a super tough design that also includes microphone and headset connections, backlit press to talk buttons, plus a built in speaker and volume control for talkback. All video and audio connections are on the rear panel and the built in power supply supports 110V to 240V.

Use pro or consumer cameras!
ATEM Camera Converter features high quality SDI and HDMI inputs for connecting professional SDI and consumer HDMI cameras. It includes 1/4? stereo jack mic/line inputs so external commentary and effects audio can be sent from the camera position. ATEM Studio Converter has 4 bi-directional fiber converters that convert each camera feed from optical fiber to SDI and output balanced analog audio on XLR connectors. Also included is loop program SDI in, plus AES/EBU microphone and headphone loops that let you link multiple ATEM Studio Converters.

Keep up to date!
Blackmagic Designs Converter Utility Software lets you quickly set up converter functions, including camera numbers and audio levels. The utility software also lets you update your ATEM Converters with the latest firmware via a USB connection on each converter. This means you can download firmware updates to add new features or support for new video formats. Converter Utility Software is available for both Mac OS X and Windows.


ATEM Camera Converter and ATEM Studio Converter are designed to be used at either end of a live camera connection. Now you can easily connect cameras to production switchers, even when they are huge distances apart. Each converter has been designed to make it easier than ever to connect to cameras with video, audio, talkback and tally. The battery powered ATEM Camera Converter is located at the camera and is designed to be used in remote locations. The ATEM Studio Converter has a rack mount design that contains all connections built into the unit.

Light and Durable
ATEM Camera Converters machined aluminum design is lightweight and incredibly strong. The precision cut chassis houses advanced electronics and video connectors are recessed for added protection. Rubber feet on the bottom of the unit are included for grip when you use the ATEM Camera Converter on a desk, plus a machined belt clip can also be attached. The ATEM Studio Converters rack mount design has an elegant aluminum front panel, featuring push to talk buttons for talkback communication, plus microphone and headphone connections. There is a built in speaker and volume control so you can also monitor talkback channels in a control room environment.

Strong with long life battery built in
ATEM Camera Converter and ATEM Studio Converter connect together using a single mode optical fiber connection that can stretch up to 28 miles in distance. The ATEM Camera Converter is designed for portable use and features an internal rechargeable battery, along with all the connections required to send video, audio and talkback over the optical fiber link. The ATEM Studio Converter is designed to fit into your equipment rack and has 4 separate optical fiber connections. The optical fiber signal is converted back to SDI video and analog audio outputs for connecting each camera to your switcher. Program feeds with talkback and tally are sent to each connected camera.

Control all settings and talkback from the front panel
ATEM Camera Converters controls are conveniently located in a rubberized button strip on one side of the unit. LED indicators show the remaining battery power and confirm that optical fiber and video signals are present. The units power button needs to be pressed and held for 2 seconds to ensure the unit is not accidentally turned off during use. Illuminated push to talk buttons on the front of the ATEM Studio Converter give easy operation of talkback to one or more cameras. They can be locked so the talkback channel is left open when required.

Run without power for 3 hours
As the ATEM Camera Converter is designed to be used in remote camera positions, it includes a built in rechargeable battery that provides more than 3 hours battery life. With a wide 12-31V power range you can use an external battery to power the unit if longer operation is required where no mains power source is available.

Recessed design for SDI and HDMI connectors keeps them safe from damage
You can connect an SDI or HDMI camera to ATEM Camera Converters built in inputs. Audio from a cameras on board microphone will be embedded into the signal unless the external audio inputs are connected. You also have microphone and headphone connections and can use either professional noise cancelling headsets or even iPhone earphones! ATEM Studio Converter has 4 bi-directional optical fiber connections. Each connection converts the incoming camera signal to SDI and de-embeds any audio to analog audio outputs. Talkback audio and a return program or auxiliary feed is returned to each camera point, along with a tally signal that illuminates an LED on the camera converter to show that the camera is live!


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