Innovative solutions for video editing, motion graphics, and post production.
Autograph is the new leading digital content creation application that allows graphics professionals to reach the creative and artistic heights of the future.
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Autograph is the new leading digital content creation application that allows graphics professionals to reach the creative and artistic heights of the future. Crafted with both the motion design and visual effects industries in mind, Autograph allows artists to work with speed and precision.


Compositing and motion design

Autograph offers artists a complete set of tools for both motion design and VFX. Designed for the most demanding productions, it combines precision and speed for better productivity, without compromising on quality.  A unique, hybrid solution in the creative world.

A complete 3D environment

Based on Disney/Pixar USD standard, Autograph’s 3D environment allows you to create and import complex scenes in order to render and composite in 2D on the fly, all within the same software. An incredible time saver for the multiple iterations in today’s productions. Autograph comes with Filament, a high-quality real-time physically-based renderer.


3D Composition, right in the timeline

Assemble visually-complex images quickly and easily by combining 2D and 3D assets directly in the timeline. Render everything in one place with a unifed workflow. Add textures to 3D models using any image or composition created or imported in Autograph.


Say goodbye to expressions

Modifiers apply transformations through parameters and they are applicable to any source type. Use them to multiply a number, shorten a word, blur an image, or warp a 3D object. Concatenating modifiers makes it possible to define precise and complex processes, while remaining easy to understand.

Scatter and distribute dozens of images

Whether you want to bring hundreds of logos to life with shared animations or scatter layers in specific spots, the instancer is the prime tool for mass animating graphic elements, positioning them on a grid, or for executing any other complex animation.


Composite multiple passes easily

Autograph can read and write OpenEXR files and allows you to quickly and easily assign a pass to a layer, as simply as you would with a JPEG, so you can get increased control over images with optimal quality. Extract all layers from PSD files in the same way.


Responsive design tool for videos

Each composition can be modified in real time or when rendered in a different format than that of the original. Autograph provides a set of tools that allow you to build responsive design compositions. Layer positioning and sizing can be relative to the format of the composition, which can also be animated.

Dozens of free demo projects

Left Angle provides plenty of free demo projects, all distributed under the Creative Common License. Use resources such as 2D images and videos, 3D scenes, or EXR passes, for personal or commercial projects, courses, tutorials, even outside Autograph. Available to download directly within the software with additional projects added regularly.

Create your own tools and templates

A composition can display front-end control parameters and be packed in one file, allowing you to create tools, generators, or custom effects. Shadertoy integration lets you develop your own source images.

Project synchronization in Artisan

Collaboration is easy with the ability to quickly synchronize projects to the Artisan cloud from directly within Autograph. Communicate with team members, iterate on modifications, and stay up-to-date with collaborators.


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