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Blackmagic Audio Monitor Free Shipping!

Blackmagic Audio Monitor

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Our PN: BMDN5110001
Manufacturer: Blackmagic Design
Platform(s): Mac & Win

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Quick Overview

High quality rack mount audio monitoring from all your SDI, AES/EBU and analog audio sources!



Manufacturer Part Number: HDL-AUDMON1RU

Incredible quality audio monitoring with Ultra HD 4K technology
Blackmagic Audio Monitor provides the finest quality audio monitoring in an incredibly small one rack unit size! Featuring a dual subwoofer design with extra wide range speakers for amazing audio, all backed by a super powerful class A/B amplifier. This precision audio and video monitoring solution includes an advanced 6G SDI input, as well as balanced XLR analog audio, balanced AES/EBU digital audio and consumer level HiFi audio inputs. The elegant front panel has bright multi colored audio level meters and a built in LCD for monitoring video sources, plus you get an HDMI 4K output for monitoring on larger screens!

Monitor Anywhere Great audio wherever you work
Its never been easier to put the highest quality audio and video monitoring everywhere you need it. Install Blackmagic Audio Monitor in broadcast racks for monitoring audio on decks, video servers and live transmissions. At the push of a button you can switch between stereo pairs of the SDI input, great for
monitoring alternative language tracks. The compact size is perfect for portable flyaway kits and broadcast trucks where space is tight, or in edit and audio post production facilities where precise audio quality is essential!

Small Size, Big Sound! Crystal clear audio with a dual subwoofer design
The Blackmagic Audio Monitor has been designed using the latest advanced audio analysis technology to create a wide and smooth frequency response curve with crisp highs and powerful deep bass. You get great sounding music, extremely clear voice tracks and all the detail of effects tracks! Blackmagic Audio Monitor is powerful and loud enough to hear your audio in noisy environments, such as broadcast equipment rooms that have a lot of cooling fan noise.

Precision Metering Know your audio levels at all times
The two big bright audio level meters on the front panel feature multi colored RGB LEDs under each segment of the VU scale. You can select between VU or PPM scale and extra scales can be added in future software updates. With lots of meter segments you can monitor a very wide dynamic range, from -45 to +3 decibels. The bright audio level meters are always clear enough to read no matter if you are working in bright or dark environments!

Machined Metal Design. Milled from solid aluminum for sound free of vibrations!
The machined metal design is attractive as well as extremely strong, which means you get a robust chassis that's vital for better quality sound without rattles and vibrations. The elegant front panel features audio level meters, LCD video monitor and a reliable contact-less volume control, so you never get deterioration and crackling in the audio when adjusted. To select audio pairs, left and right solo, mute and input, there is a built in illuminated keypad and for private monitoring there is a built in headphone socket.

Advanced Ultra HD
Blackmagic Audio Monitor supports all common SD and HD video resolutions. The 6G-SDI input and HDMI 4K output also supports high resolution Ultra HD 4K. The advanced technology of 6G-SDI is 4 times faster than standard HD-SDI and means you can work at a resolution thats 4 times bigger than 1080HD. You can connect to Ultra HD TVs and projectors with HDMI 4K and you can monitor any of the 16 audio channels on the 6G-SDI input.

Both Audio and Video Connections
Blackmagic Audio Monitor has all the audio and video connections you need to make it the perfect monitoring solution in any environment. With balanced analog XLR audio, balanced AES/EBU audio and consumer level HiFi audio inputs its easy to connect any audio source. You can select between inputs quickly using the input button situated on the front panel. The 6G-SDI video input and HDMI 4K video output both support embedded audio and let you connect to the latest high resolution video technology.

Use a Big Screen TV for Monitoring!
When you're working with SDI video input you can use the Blackmagic Audio Monitor to convert from SDI to HDMI for monitoring with big screen televisions or video projectors. Blackmagic Audio Monitor automatically switches between SD and HD and even Ultra HD 4K. You can monitor in high resolution Ultra HD 4K using the HDMI 4K output with only a single HDMI cable or you can connect a regular HDTV and use the units built in Ultra HD 4K to HD down conversion!

Dolby Decoding. Digital and 5.1 Surround
Dolby sound is common in broadcast, film, web streaming and other productions, and the Blackmagic Audio Monitor features a Dolby slot so you can add a Dolby decoder module whenever you need. The Dolby decoder supports Dolby Digital and AC-3 decoding for 5.1 surround sound monitoring from either the 6G-SDI video input or the AES/EBU audio input. To monitor different channels in the decoded 5.1 surround sound source, you can select these easily using the push button controls on the front panel!


Get attractive audio monitoring that's designed for video
Blackmagic Audio Monitor features an incredibly compact design for outstanding quality audio monitoring. The beautifully machined front panel includes large LED VU meters that are fantastic to look at and provide precision audio metering at a glance. A built in high resolution LCD screen lets you monitor your video source to give the confidence that audio matches your incoming video feed. With advanced 6G-SDI technology you can use the Blackmagic Audio Monitor as part of an Ultra HD 4K workflow, as well as being able to monitor from AES/EBU and analog audio sources all in a single box!

Dual subwoofer for power!
Two full range speakers and two sub woofers combine to provide crystal clear audio that is rich in low frequency and provides sharpness in mid and high ranges. The speaker and subwoofer enclosures are made from an ABS polycarbonate blend, which is extremely impact resistant and has superior damping compared to traditional speaker materials. This advanced design helps to eliminate audio distortion, maintaining the high fidelity of your original signal.

Large Level Meters Accurate metering of your audio
An integral part of the Blackmagic Audio Monitors design is its 2 channel audio meters for either VU or PPM scale. These large bright meters are each divided into 27 segments, which are beautifully backlit by bright LEDs. This design gives you precise audio level monitoring across a wide range with an attractive display that can be easily seen from a distance or close up!

Machined Metal Design. Innovative and attractive design is super strong
Blackmagic Audio Monitor has a machined aluminum front panel thats both elegant and incredibly strong. The 2 full range stereo speakers and dual subwoofers are secured on each side of the panel behind super tough metal speaker grills. These precision drilled front grills provide extra speaker protection and reduce vibrations!

Controls are easy to use and backlit for visibility
Switching between input sources and audio channels is easy using illuminated push button controls. You can isolate left and right channels and move sequentially up or down between pairs of audio channels in your SDI video signal. You get precise volume adjustment with the contact-less control wheel and you can mute the output of the unit with a single button. The built in LCD shows your video picture and includes source information, video format and the audio channels being monitored.

Audio Monitoring in any location! Slimline 1RU fits neatly into any flyaway kit
At only 9.5 inches deep, Blackmagic Audio Monitors slim single rack unit design fits easily into any equipment rack. This incredibly portable design is perfect for broadcast trucks, flyaway kits and virtually any location where you need audio level monitoring. The ability to monitor SDI audio as well as external AES/EBU and analog audio sources gives you complete flexibility to route any audio input through the unit. You can also connect headphones when you need to monitor in environments with high ambient noise.

Built in power supply for easy connection
Blackmagic Audio Monitor has a built in power supply for 110-240V mains power. To power the unit all you need is a standard IEC cable, which removes the need for separate power bricks and additional messy cabling. The wide input voltage means you can use the Blackmagic Audio Monitor in any international location!


Install anywhere you need high quality audio monitoring!
The Blackmagic Audio Monitor is easy to install for professional audio monitoring with embedded SDI audio, AES/EBU digital audio and analog audio sources. The slim single rack unit design fits easily into any equipment rack and with built in connections its easy to connect to your video and audio equipment. The 6G-SDI video connection uses a single SDI cable and is perfect for Ultra HD 4K production, supporting multiple audio channels within the SDI signal. You also can attach a low cost HDMI display or the latest Ultra HD 4K TV to suit your video monitoring needs.

Monitor audio from anywhere in your facility!
Installing a Blackmagic Audio Monitor alongside an SDI router is great for monitoring the audio levels from any of the switchers outputs. Video signals from connected source equipment such as broadcast decks, cameras and media servers can be routed to the Blackmagic Audio Monitors SDI input. Blackmagic Audio Monitor loops through the SDI signal and also has an HDMI output, so you can connect a professional SDI monitor or HDMI display for local monitoring of the SDI signal. When you use a Blackmagic Design Videohub or Universal Videohub router you get a software control panel for Mac OS X and Windows that can be installed on your computer network so that you can easily route SDI outputs to a Blackmagic Audio Monitor.

Perfect program audio at all times in your live production.
When youre working in a live production environment with an ATEM Production Switcher you get support for embedded audio from HDMI and SDI cameras, decks and other inputs. ATEM Production Switchers include audio mixing software with audio follow video and independent channel audio control. You can send the switchers SDI program output to the Blackmagic Audio Monitor for accurate monitoring of your audio output levels. You can connect an SDI or HDMI monitor to the Blackmagic Audio Monitor for perfect monitoring of both audio and video. You can use the ATEM Production Studio 4K for live switching and connect to the Blackmagic Audio Monitor with 6G-SDI for audio level monitoring during Ultra HD 4K live productions!

Confirm the audio quality and levels when on set!
Connect the SDI output from a camera to the Blackmagic Audio Monitor to analyze audio levels during live production. The Blackmagic Production Camera 4K includes a 6G-SDI output that connects to the Blackmagic Audio Monitor using a single SDI cable. In live production you can monitor the audio channels embedded into the SDI signal. Connect an Ultra HD display to the audio monitors HDMI 4K output for monitoring at full 3840 x 2160 resolution.

The perfect solution for audio monitoring in your facility
Its essential to get accurate monitoring of audio levels during post production, especially when mastering projects for broadcast where you need to comply with strict audio levels. Connect a Blackmagic Audio Monitor in your editing or grading suite to monitor audio levels with perfect accuracy. There can be dramatic differences in levels and audio quality when capturing from cameras, broadcast decks and other sources. When you play back your captured files you can now see the levels displayed and listen to the audio. Using UltraStudio 4K you have SDI capture and playback to a computer with Thunderbolt technology. You can connect SDI, HDMI and analog video and audio equipment with such a wide range of sources you need to monitor the levels of files created.


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