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Mini Converter - UpDownCross HD Free Shipping!

Mini Converter - UpDownCross HD

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Our PN: BMDN5430096
Manufacturer: Blackmagic Design
Platform(s): Mac & Win

Availability: Usually ships in 2-business days or less.


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Quick Overview

Mini Converter - UpDownCross HD



Manufacturer Part Number: CONVMUDCSTD/HD

Announcing the Blackmagic Mini Converter UpDownCross HD, a new broadcast quality standards converter that lets customers convert any SD or HD video format to any other SD or HD video format via SDI and HDMI input and output connections. In addition, customers also get automatic scaling of computer resolutions to standard broadcast formats.

Blackmagic Mini Converter UpDownCross HD is an incredibly affordable high quality standards converter that broadcasters can use to convert video formats from its SDI and HDMI inputs. Its perfect for converting between existing SD and HD broadcast equipment, as well as for connecting SDI equipment to consumer HDMI devices such as laptop computers and big screen televisions. Blackmagic Mini Converter UpDownCross HD uses low latency, high quality Teranex conversion algorithms for broadcast quality results. Customers can simply set the output format they need and the input format is automatically converted, which also ensures valuable equipment is protected by always sending the correct video output signal.

Connecting HDMI computers to professional SDI equipment is virtually foolproof with the Blackmagic Mini Converter UpDownCross HD. Thats because customers never have to change their computers display setting. The converter takes whatever the HDMI output is from the computer and then automatically scales and standards converts it to the correct broadcast standard set by the user.

Mini Converter UpDownCross HD features multi rate 3G-SDI connections that work with all SD and HD equipment and video formats up to 1080p60, as well as Level A and B devices. The converter features one 3G-SDI input with a loop output that bypasses all processing, an HDMI input, reference in, two 3G-SDI outputs and an HDMI output.

The 3G-SDI connections feature built in re-sync so all conversions match the reference input video timing signal. In addition, the converter has extremely low SDI jitter and high quality multi-tap video filters. This allows customers to use longer cables to maintain the integrity of the signal for broadcast quality video. Audio is also automatically delayed based on the conversion being performed and then embedded back into the signal so its always perfectly synchronized with the video.

The Blackmagic Mini Converter UpDownCross HD includes a universal power supply with international socket adapters for all countries. The power supply features a screw lock connector so customers never have to worry about the power cord being accidentally disconnected.

The new Blackmagic Mini Converter UpDownCross HD gives customers full 10-bit broadcast quality video processing with over 140 different standards and format conversions in a durable and affordable all metal design,' said Grant Petty, CEO, Blackmagic Design. Its exciting because it also automatically scales the HDMI video coming from computers and converts it into standard broadcast video formats, making it easier than ever to plug laptops into professional broadcast equipment such as digital projectors!'

Blackmagic Mini Converters are part of a large family of professional broadcast converters that includes incredibly affordable Micro Converters as well as advanced models with a massively increased range of features. This range includes 3G, 6G and 12G-SDI models that are compatible with SD, HD and Ultra HD all the way up to high frame rate 2160p60. Blackmagic Mini Converters and Teranex Mini converters feature support for a wide range of connections such as balanced analog and AES/EBU audio, redundant inputs, analog video, optical fiber and more.


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