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CalMAN Studio (Software Only)

CalMAN Studio (Software Only)

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Our PN: SCLN0330016
Manufacturer: SpectraCal
Platform(s): Win

Product Type: Electronic Download
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Quick Overview

CalMAN Studio (Software Only)



Manufacturer Part Number: SFTSTDO

CalMAN 2017 Released

New Features include:

- Auto Calibration for Samsung 2017 QLED televisions

- Auto Calibration for Panasonic 2017 EZxxx series OLED televisions

- New Color Volume Workflow quickly measure the color volume of any display

- New Color Volume Visualizer - three-dimensional graphing engine that displays the measurements of the Color Volume Workflow.

- New HLG Workflow support for the hybrid log gamma version of high dynamic range that is rapidly gaining acceptance for live video production

- New Dolby Vision Custom Workflow

- New Broadcast Monitor Workflow

CalMAN Studio Display Characterization Software

  • Precise color correction for studio and professional monitors and projectors.
  • Adaptive Artificial Intelligence (AAI) produces faster, more precise display characterization.
  • Characterizes displays against standard or user-defined gamut and gamma profiles.
  • Isolates display color channel interaction to produce ideal decoupled color performance.
  • Independent hardware support of 50+ color analyzers and 30+ reference sources.
  • Supports popular calibration processors:
  • DAVIO and DAVIO 2.0
  • SpectraCal ColorBox
  • Blackmagic Design HDLink Pro
  • Designed, developed and supported by industry-leading display calibration experts.

CalMAN Studio Display Characterization Software is designed for imaging content professionals who create, evaluate, develop, and edit color-critical motion picture and television broadcast content on reference displays. It is powerful, user-friendly, hardware independent calibration software.

CalMAN Studio characterizes a display and produces a 3D color cube lookup table (LUT) to calibrate the display to a reference target. Unlike previous calibration tools, however, CalMAN Studio is the only software that precisely characterizes and calibrates 3D color cubes for popular processors and displays with Adaptive Artificial Intelligence (AAI). This intelligent technique enables a faster, more precise display characterization than any previous method.

Unlike legacy methods that required up to eight hours to make a single profile pass, CalMAN Studio develops multiple recursive profiles in an hour or less. The old one-pass method produced an untested LUT, but CalMAN Studios recursive technique optimizes the calibration LUT until the result is as good as it can be. We dont stop until its right.' The CalMAN Studio optimized LUT can then be saved to one of the many popular external image processors used in the industry.

The optimized LUT precisely characterizes a display for its deviations from a reference gamut and gamma target. You can select from industry standard targets such as Rec. ITU-R BT.709 or DCI, or you can create your own reference targets - for example, declaring an existing display used for mastering past content to be the reference target which new displays shall emulate.

CalMAN Studio Display Characterization Software is built on SpectraCal's highly optimized CalMAN Professional Monitor Calibration Software engine. It provides a highly automated workflow, designed specifically to meet the requirements of the post-production and broadcast professional. This premium product is feature-rich, supports industry standards, is hardware agnostic, and is highly flexible. You can calibrate using the equipment you already own without purchasing new hardware and you can work the way you want to produce accurate imaging performance from all your displays.


  • Operating Systems
    • Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2, Windows Vista or Windows 7
  • OS components required
    • .Net framework 3.5 and DirectX v9.0c or v10
  • Minimum CPU
    • Intel Atom 1.00GHz or AMD Sempron 2200+ (2Ghz Dual Core Recommended)
  • Minimum RAM
    • 1GB (2GB Recommended)
  • Free Disk Space
    • 200MB
  • Display Minimum Size
    • 1024 x 768 Recommended 1280 x 1024 (256MB RAM Graphics Card Recommended)
  • USB
    • 1.1 or 2.0
  • Virtualization? Compatible with:
    • VMware
    • Bootcamp
    • Parallels


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