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Camera Controller 2.5 Standalone

Our PN: YOUN0290050
Manufacturer: Young Monkey
Platform(s): Win

Product Type: Electronic Download
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List Price:$150.00

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Quick Overview

New version 2.5! Camera Controller provides remote control of pan/tilt robotic video cameras that support the VISCA protocol, such as the Sony EVI-D30, EVI-D70, BRC-300. Movement controls (Speed, Pan/Tilt, Zoom, Presets) as well as camera settings (Focus, White Balance, Backlight, Exposure) are provided.



Manufacturer Part Number: CAMERA CONT STANDALN

Flexible multiple camera handling allows for any combination of VISCA daisy chaining and COM port connections.

The Lock in Front mode will force the user interface to always be in front of other windows. And a collapsible view takes up less space when using it along with other programs.

The new Scheduler adds date and/or time based playlist functionality for automated control of cameras. This opens up exciting possibilities for unattended live broadcast production.

Schedules can be created in three Date/Time Modes:

  • Date / Time: Specific dates and times, with optional Repeat. Example: Jul 20, 2006 1:35:00 PM
  • Time: Specific times, with optional Repeat. Example: 3:45:00 AM
  • HMS: Time offsets from playback start, with optional Repeat and Pause. Example: 0h:12m:10s

The Pause mode and event remove the guess-work in situations when you don't know when the next event will begin - such as when doing a live news broadcast. Pre-program the events that come before and after, and insert a Pause event inbetween. Start things rolling, the pause happens automatically, and when you're ready to go again... one click has you back on the automated schedule. Or you can also manually activate Pause, when the unexpected happens.

The Time-Shift edit function makes it super easy to reschedule a playlist or to change from one Date/Time Mode to another. And automatic Playlist Chaining allows you to access repeatedly used event schedules.

Whats NEW in version 2.5:

  • Added: AMX modes: RS232 Standalone, RS232 to Master Controller, IP to Master Controller
  • Added: Camera labels
  • Added: Minimize gadget
  • Fixed: 'Enter' key no longer exits the program
  • Added (Experimental): Sony DXC camera/lens support (ex: DXC-390/950/990/9000/H10) - Zoom only
  • Scheduler Editor:
    • Added: Lock in Front option
    • Fixed: File Requester filter


  • Controls up to 8 cameras via one or more COM port(s)
  • Compatible with standard COM hardware: including RS-232 ports, USB adaptors, multi-i/o cards, etc.
  • VISCA protocols supported: 1.00, 1.10, 1.20
  • VISCA Daisy Chaining
  • Independent Speed controls for each camera: Pan, Tilt, and Zoom
  • Pan/Tilt Directions: Up, Down, Left, Right, Up/Left, Up/Right, Down/Left, Down/Right, Home
  • Pan L/R direction reverse
  • Zoom: Telephoto, Wide
  • Presets: 1-6, Recall/Set/Reset
  • Power: On/Off
  • Camera Settings: Focus, White Balance, Backlight, Exposure (Shutter/Iris/Gain/Bright)
  • User Interface: Lock in Front, Collapsible

Scheduler Features:

  • Date/Time based control of cameras via playlists
  • Playlist Editor can create playlists on an alternate computer and can save playlists over a network.
  • Next Action display
  • Optional Repeat provides yearly (Date/Time), daily (Time), and multiple iteration (HMS) playback
  • Playlist chaining
  • Event logging for Player (automatic) and Editor (optional)


  • OS: Windows
  • Hardware: VISCA compatible camera(s) and appropriate connection cables and adaptors


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